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  • (1888PressRelease) March 22, 2017 - Guardians: Royal Journey is a free-to-play tower defense game with cute art style available on both APP Store and Google Play. It's developed by Haypi Co., Ltd which is also the developer of Haypi Kingdom, Haypi Monster and Haypi Dragon. In this game, you should protect mogo from eating by several waves of monsters. As we all know that the most crucial thing of playing a tower defense game well is choosing the right tower then build that in the right place. There're 24 towers in Guardians: Royal Journey, let use these to change mogo's world.

    5 Single-targeting Attack-only Towers
    Those towers can only attack 1 monster at the same time; they are Cannon, Electric Gem, Poison Dropper, Laser Tower and Dumbbell. Cannon is the basic unit which has a medium attack range, speed and damage. But don't take for granted that it's not important, it's very useful in clearing certain stages. You have to use it even in high levels. Electric Gem attacks fast, causing continuous damage with electric currents. It's powerful while facing BOSS monsters. Poison Dropper poisons the target while causing damage. Monsters will lose blood in the next 3-5 seconds after hit by that. So you'd better build them where monsters first come out. Laser Tower can bring tremendous damage and it has a chance to trigger powerful laser rays, but this tower is not cheap. It's widely used when monsters' HP is high. Dumbbell is not only single-targeting but also has limited attack range, yet it hit monsters heavily and cause great damage. It's really a good tower to clear plants nearby in a short time.

    11 Multiple-targeting Attack-only Towers
    Those towers can attack 2 or more targets. They are Trident, Shuriken, Crossbow, Flame Thrower, Magic Ball, Flower Cannon, Armor Piercer, Fire Ring, Boomerang, Battery, and Spotlight. Trident attacks several monsters and plants in a straight line. Shuriken can cause massive damage and it turns even powerful if built properly. Crossbow can attack several monsters simultaneously. Flame Thrower damages several targets within its cross range and burn then to lose bloods. Magic Ball can bring heavy damage to monsters by shuttling bullets back and forth. Flower Cannon will burst out after hitting a monster. Fire Ring will be activated while monsters going by then cause severe damage through burning them. Boomerang has a really wide attack range. It can track down monsters automatically. Battery accumulates power while attacking the same target continuously and when the power is enough it will trigger a tremendous damage to monster on the attacking line. Spotlight emits beams both forward and backward, attacking monsters in a straight line. All those 11 towers play a key role in destroying plants and attacking monsters with high efficiency. You can find which one is the best on your own.

    4 Speed-reducing Towers
    Speed-reducing towers are required when players want to decelerate monsters' attacking

    in high speed. There are 4 towers of this type; they are Bubble Maker, Popsicle, Ice Ring and Cobweb. Bubble Maker creates bubbles to attack a single monster and slow it down. Popsicle can damage all those monsters within its attack range and slow them down. Ice Ring can freeze monsters nearby and slow them down severely. Cobweb shoots spider webs to trap multiple targets, causing damage and slowing them down.

    1 Stun Tower
    This tower is called Dizzy beam which has a chance to stun the target while outputting damage.

    1 Bonus-generating Tower
    That's Magnet in the game. It attacks monsters within its effect radius for bonus gold and magic.

    2 X-TOWERs
    There are also 2 X-TOWERs which turn into random towers after built. One can be built through using Gold; the other can be built via using magic. Those towers just surprise you.

    The higher the level of those towers is, the more powerful those towers will be. So don't forget to upgrade them. Just use those towers to change mogo's world!

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