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Fo Fidget Origin Information
  • Deni Andonov
  • Ul.ASNOM 325/14 Skopje Macedonia
  • Phone: 38975250564
  • URL:
  • We as a company are committed to provide a proved tool to overcome anxiety discomfort in the most natural way as it has always been done.

    Reliable solutions to enhance cognitive abilities, also abandoning bad habits as smoking, drinking, snaking, nail biting, finger cracking and in the same time it helps to relax, meditate, sleep drifting%u2026 .

    FO: gives the confidence to smoothly carry out daily activities.

    Be the calmest but most focused and sniper-sharp thoughts person in the room!
Fo Fidget Origin Press Release -

  • Coming Soon: FO: FIDGET ORIGIN - Gemstone Edition
  • Unleash the full potential of fidgeting. Originally made and used since 10.000 BC.
  • Fidget addicts grab to something, this is gonna be a revelation.

    “Have you ever wondered why those who we consider being: enlightened, ...
  • December 15, 2017