Coming Soon: FO: FIDGET ORIGIN - Gemstone Edition

Top Quote Unleash the full potential of fidgeting. Originally made and used since 10.000 BC. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) December 15, 2017 - Fidget addicts grab to something, this is gonna be a revelation.

    “Have you ever wondered why those who we consider being: enlightened, wise or clerics, are always holding this object?” These words mark the beginning of the promotional video of this product, campaign is in prelaunch phase on INDIEGOGO.
    This object has never been seen before as it is shown here, and we are talking about a fidget – The Fidget.

    FO: FIDGET ORIGIN resurrects the idea of one of the oldest man-made creations meant for fidgeting.

    Searching for it’s origin, the historical retrospective of this fidget dates back to 10.000 BC. or 12.000 years till now, it’s older than the: crossbow, compass, pyramids, coffee even the wheel – it dates back from the very dawn of man.

    Origins and etymology
    “Beds are among the earliest human ornaments and ostrich shell beads in Africa date to 10,000 BC” – Wikipedia

    This invention was accidental. It’s original purpose was different than the one for which it was later used. What our ancestors noticed was, that using it in a specific way helped them to overcome anxiety, keep thoughts sharp and amplify attention focus.

    Even today we can find it, it’s considered to be a religious “must have” objct, but in reality, it is no more or less than a Fidget, The Fidget – heritage from our ancestors.
    The beauty of these designs is that they are timeless, and what is important to us, it still works, as it always did.

    FO: Fidget Origin was made by ancients, today redesigned in an object for every day carry, to intercept modern men’s discreet fidgeting needs. Exists to fulfill one purpose only, fidgeting – as should be properly done.

    During campaign we plan to issue only 300 pieces FO: FIDGET ORIGIN - Bronzite Edition.

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    We as a team are committed to provide a proved tool to overcome anxiety discomfort in the most natural way as it has always been done.

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