Floyd Tapia Voted Top Rising Re-Targeting SEO Expert In St. Louis Missouri

Top Quote Floyd Tapia invites business owners to take a closer look at this growing ad technology that originally was only available to Fortune 500 companies. He states that "whether business owners choose to do business with Floyd Tapia at Re-Targeting Power and RTB International or not, all businesses must take the time to look at what this technology can do for their business now and in the future. End Quote
  • St. Louis, MO-IL (1888PressRelease) April 29, 2014 - Floyd Tapia Has Recently Been Formally Designated St. Louis' "Top Rising Re-Targeting SEO Expert" By Internet Marketing and SEO Peers Throughout the United States. Floyd Tapia and Associates founder Floyd Tapia has received various accolades after being featured on several network affiliate news media outlets and what he has done for services his company offers that merge both the lending and internet marketing industries for small and medium business owners.

    Floyd Tapia is a veteran private banker and local SEO services expert who has taken a priority to help small and medium business owners to see the importance of how proper financing and strategic marketing can have a profound effect on the success of any type of business.

    Re-Targeting Power, the internet marketing and news media division of Floyd Tapia and Associates, has recently established strong bonds with a re-targeting company RTB International. Floyd has felt that companies who have been paying good money to get serious buyers to their websites or store locations yet face the reality that 98 percent of these consumers simply look and leave should have a powerful system in place to bring these potential clients back to their website or store so that they are not forever lost.

    Floyd Tapia feels he has accomplished this with the help of RTB International. Re-targeting is the process where a consumer comes to your website and likes an offer but is distracted or feels the price may be too high then leaves your website and does not finish the transaction. As this consumer continues their search elsewhere on the internet for similar type products or services all of a sudden they begin to see your website again but with banner ads showing up on other companies' websites.

    By getting in front of this buyer several more times, this company can then offer a discount or similar product at a lower cost thus luring this consumer back to their website to finalize the transaction. Re-Targeting Power feels this unique follow-the-customer technology will be instrumental to business owners who want to lower their marketing costs while raising their profits.

    There is also a marketing term called search re-targeting which takes finding brand new buyers to a whole new level. The few SEO experts who are familiar with re-targeting call this behavioral re-targeting because it concentrates on consumers who search for a specific product or service based on their choice of keyword. The consumer didn't necessarily visit this company's website previously nor may have ever heard of them but now they are aware they exist due to the laser targeted repetitive nature this ad technology possesses.

    Floyd Tapia's dedication to locating more cost effective marketing renues that produce better returns than is normally expected on the internet is one reason why he has been given the coveted "top rising re-targeting SEO expert" title. He reasons that this viable alternative is proving to be more powerful and efficient when compared to doing SEO and PPC all by themselves. "Now a business owner has a real choice on what platforms he will use to get new customers and then decide on the best way of preventing them from just walking away from their website." Source: https://www.prbuzz.com/business-entrepreneur/216953-floyd-tapia-voted-top-rising-re-targeting-seo-expert-in-st-louis-missouri.html

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