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  • Floyd Tapia
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  • Re-Targeting Power feels that companies who have been paying good money to get serious buyers to their websites or store locations yet face the grim reality that 98 percent of these consumers simply look and leave should have a powerful system in place to bring these potential clients back to their website or store so that they are not forever lost. Re-Targeting Power also helps bring brand new laser targeted customers to company who are ready to buy. Either way, this increases the amount of purchases each customer or patients makes since we also help raise a company's conversion numbers.
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  • Floyd Tapia Voted Top Rising Re-Targeting SEO Expert In St. Louis Missouri
  • Floyd Tapia invites business owners to take a closer look at this growing ad technology that originally was only available to Fortune 500 companies. He states that "whether business owners choose to do business with Floyd Tapia at Re-Targeting Power and RTB International or not, all businesses must take the time to look at what this technology can do for their business now and in the future.
  • Floyd Tapia Has Recently Been Formally Designated St. Louis' "Top Rising Re-Targeting SEO Expert" By Internet Marketing and SEO Peers Throughout the U ...
  • April 29, 2014