Finishing Touches Underway on New Thriller by Award Winning Journalist, Glen Carter

Top Quote Soldier Boy: A novel of reincarnation, redemption and revenge. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 23, 2017 - Lightening splits a savage desert night and in the arms of a priest, a nameless woman dies while giving birth. The baby survives, but as a growing child he is tortured by disturbing vignettes of soldiers and war and a blood soaked act of betrayal. As a man he has unlimited riches magically at his fingertips, though he dwells among the legions of mole people who exist beneath the Las Vegas strip. A strange meeting sets him on a path to discovering who he once was and what was stolen from him. Samuel Bolt has come home, to a place he's never been. He needs to set things right, but it will mean exposing a man who murdered him in the middle of a war, taking everything, including the woman he loved. Bolt has determined enemies who will stop at nothing to send a dead soldier back to his grave. Though, he must have justice, so long denied, and to get it, he will have to stop a psychopath from becoming the most powerful man on earth.

    About the author:
    Author Glen Carter is an award-winning journalist who has worked in the high-pressure world of television news for more than thirty years. He has covered everything from national politics and world leaders to crime and deadly disasters.

    He is now applying his story-telling craft and decades of fact-driven writing to the flight of fiction. Angels of Maradona is his first novel, published in 2008 by Breakwater Books. His second, Last Witness, is available online, Amazon, Kindle, Chapters and Kobo.

    “Story telling is not a career, it's a calling. I've been writing true and compelling news my entire professional life. My novels are packs of lies.” ― Glen Carter

    Other novels by this author:
    Last Witness:
    Months before it was announced by President Barack Obama, a novel by Canadian author Glen Carter eerily mirrors the White House rapprochement with Cuba. Though, Last Witness contains an explosive conclusion and certainly a more tragic beginning - from more than 50 years ago.

    A mysterious letter has reached retired FBI agent Ed Malloy. A letter bearing a name from a lifetime ago, from a woman who claims she saw what really happened on the day John F. Kennedy died in Dallas. Many were there to film the president, but Helena Storozhenko snapped a photo on November 22, 1963, that would have changed everything. Then she vanished. Until now. From her death bed in Odessa, the Babushka Lady provides a piece of evidence that will send Malloy and network television host Jack Doyle on a desperate search for the truth. She has summoned Malloy and finally reveals what she witnessed in Dealey Plaza. Malloy and Doyle need each other to solve a decades-old mystery, and to stop an assassin who is driven by the same evil which changed the world so tragically – so long ago. It all comes down to one place, one time, and one bullet as they race to prevent history from repeating itself – more than fifty years after a president was brutally slain – and Helena Storozhenko was The Last Witness.

    'This is a sprawling thriller in the example of Jean Le Carre or Frederick Forsyth, with multiple characters, exotic globetrotting locations and a core plotline that twists and turns and cliff-hangs chapter by chapter.' ― The Telegram

    Angels of Maradona:
    In the mountains of Colombia, an old man stumbles sweating and breathless into the Jaguar Forest. Cursed, he feels forced to commit a savage act, and a family is destroyed - his own. From Luis Mendoza's insanity, survivors emerge, but they will not know what their grandfather intended for them, even though they were the ones destined to die.

    Decades later, veteran reporter Jack Doyle is about to become his network's next anchor star. Doyle has always done his job the right way, and when eight girls, including a US senator's daughter, are brutally murdered, Doyle discovers a trail of blood and drugs that leads to Colombia. It's where the story is, even if his network bosses don't agree. Colombia is a country on fire and la violencia means no one is safe, including Doyle and his producer, the beautiful Kaitlin O'Rourke. Narco-terrorists strike. Doyle comes home. Kaitlin doesn't.

    With his career and life adrift, Doyle struggles with the blame for his renegade assignment. Kaitlin was his friend. Possibly much more. Trying to rescue his soul, Jack sets sail. Alone and faltering on the Atlantic Ocean, he receives an astonishing message so bizarre it sets in motion his most dangerous assignment - a covert mission through the blood-soaked Colombian jungle to find a woman who stepped away at dinner and never came back. Doyle is plunged into a story of deception, betrayal, and a drug lord's insane plan to deliver an apocalyptic message to the White House. To stay alive, Doyle must confront his past and untangle his future. And before it's too late, he must uncover the unbelievable truth about Kaitlin O'Rourke and the Angels of Maradona.

    "With his taut prose, and gripping storytelling, Carter delivers a stunning page-turner." - Rick Mofina, two-time Arthur Ellis award-winning author of A Perfect Grave.

    "Angels of Maradona is an entertaining novel that successfully maintains its established tone of mystery and tension...with each new page, Jack Doyle becomes increasingly real." - Clare O'Connor, Atlantic Books Today

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