Ficology launches as Legit CPN In October, 2022. Legit CPN plans to be the biggest Credit Privacy Number Vendor In United States

Top Quote As far as a low credit score for apartment rental, I understand it is a frustrating situation but there are other options to get an apartment rental in as little as 20 days. i dont know if you ever hear about a Credit Privacy number or CPN, but it is a 9 digit number that celebrities and politicians often use to gain privacy and avoid identity theft. as an added benefit a CPN (If setup right) wil End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 08, 2022 - Irvine, California - Ficology launches as Legit CPN In October, 2022. Legit CPN is planning to be the biggest Credit Privacy Number Vendor In United States. aimed at If you're looking for a fresh start on your credit, Legit CPN has you covered. We sell 100% legit and legal CPNs (Secondary credit numbers), which can be a great way for people with bad credit to improve their credit score. Here's what you need to know about CPN numbers and how they can benefit you. A CPN number is a Secondary credit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit applications. This can be helpful if you have bad credit, as it allows you to start fresh with a new credit history. You can purchase a CPN number from and by purchasing from Legit CPN, you can be sure you're getting a legitimate secondary credit number that has been checked with credit agencies to avoid issuing a bad CPN number. Anyone can use a CPN number, but they are especially helpful for people with bad credit who are looking to improve their credit score. If you have bad credit, using a CPN number can help you get approved for new lines of credit and improve your chances of getting approved for financing, credit cards, auto loans, and apartment and home rentals. Legit CPN also has a very lucrative Affiliate program and you can become an affiliate and make money by contacting them on their website. .

    “as a former debt collector, fraud investigator and a current CPN vendor I assure you using a CPN is 100% legal and it all comes down to your intentions. if you are trying to commit fraud, it doesn't matter if you use a SSN, EIN, or CPN, there is a small chance you get caught. but if your intention is to use a CPN to get a fresh start, get credit cards, car loans, apartment rentals and etc you should get one from a good source. and by a good source I mean a place where you are sure they are checking the generated CPNs with LexisNexis and credit agencies to make sure it is not issued to a child, a deceased person, or someone who is currently using their SSN. check out our website and contact us if you have questions.,” said Ali Dareshoori, the founder of Ficology.

    Launching October 2022c at, Ficology will offer Credit Privacy Numbers, Credit Repair, Business credit, Debt Settlement and Debt Collection Services. 949-357-0797 Ali Dareshoori

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