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Top Quote Jobma introduces brand new changes to its user interface (UI) design to improve customers interviewing experience and accelerate satisfaction level at a new high. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 26, 2021 - Jobma introduces brand new changes to its user interface (UI) design to improve customers interviewing experience and accelerate satisfaction level at a new high. The recent changes reflect Jobma's commitment and consistent effort to intensify the taste of users and avail them of not less than the best. The cutting-edge improvement in design fosters technologically advanced, easy to access, visually appealing, and engaging interviewing experience to both interviewers and the applicants. In short, the purpose of coming up with an entirely fresh and new UI is to offer the best recruitment solution with the latest design trends. And capture the attention of quality talent worldwide. Moreover, a new design would brand Jobma as a vibrant interviewing platform for all sizes of businesses and help them stand apart from the competitors.

    Here in this post, we've narrow down the list of exciting and much-desired changes in Jobma UI design that are made keeping in mind greater customer satisfaction and ease of interviewing:

    Black theme dashboard
    The change in dashboard color-combination from lighter to a black theme is a result of micro-level detailing when designing the UI. How do you make a mark on users who visit hundreds of websites in a day? Jobma's new color theme has come up with the answer to this largely ignored question. This black color theme makes you feel soothing and visually calm even if you spend hours on the website. It has been witnessed that exposure to bright light is not so eye-friendly and refrains you from working for extended hours even if you want to. So, this is one of the ideas behind why UI designers are changing the website's color. Some additional benefits of the black theme are that it looks attractive and different from the existing color combination and highlights the design elements and buttons.

    User-friendly layouts
    The purpose of Jobma's new UI design isn't just to beautify the website, but it provides a joy-to-use experience to the users. To make this happen, the designers have come with the following major changes in the layouts-

    Dashboard with greetings- To make the website more interactive and engaging for customers, designers have made Jobma's dashboard more welcoming. When you log in to the website, it will welcome you with appropriate greetings words depending on location and time.

    Dedicated storage space- With new changes in design, you are provided with dedicated cloud-based data storage space on the candidate's interview schedule page. This enables you to store and access candidates' details securely for a long time without occupying extra space in your database.

    No subscription charges- Unlike old UI, new changes have also come with monetary benefits for the users as you don't have to pay subscription charges for professional and enterprise plans. However, it is remaining effective in the essential subscription plan.

    Recent selection list- New UI enables you to explore the list of recently selected candidates on the dashboard without getting inside or scrolling ups and down on the website just in a single click.

    Post jobs direct from dashboard- This significant change in UI allows you to post new Jobs even from the dashboard, which wasn't possible through the old UI.

    New view all button- A fresh 'View all Button' on the dashboard transports users directly to the interview schedule page. And allows them to access all the interview-related information easily.

    Enhanced job posting experience- An enlarged and horizontal presentation of additional job information space in new UI design is the answer to users' cravings for a more comfortable job posting experience.

    Apart from the above major changes, better page alignment, fresh phone call option to improve accessibility and integration of trending technology to enhance user's experience are some small but significant changes in layout.

    Creative visualization
    Though it's tough to create interesting visuals for a video interviewing website, while modifying the UI of Jobma, our designers have left no stone unturned to make it engaging and creative in order to attract visitors and make them spend their time without getting bored. The innovative visual presentation in the new UI transforms the website into an image-building tool for the organization. Our designers have successfully made their attempt to add innovation to the analytics in the new design to communicate and get in through these analytics in a fun way. The use of unique graphs, animations, and color themes makes the new UI more stimulating and engaging.

    Plan up-gradation feature
    Unlike the old UI, you don't have to contact the software provider to upgrade your plan. Suppose you are using a 'Professional Plan' of Jobma and want to upgrade to 'Enterprise Plan.' You can simply click on the plan up-gradation button and request an upgrade.

    List of top-rated candidates
    To make your hiring more effective, a new design has come up with a dedicated space having the list of top-rated candidates on the evaluation page. It allows you to access candidates who have got top scores in a job interview. It makes your recruitment practices evidence-based and improves the quality of hire.

    Excellent UX writing
    Based on previous experience and users' feedback, Jobma has improved its UX writing significantly and focused on creativity to improve the website's call to action (CTA) effect. This simple change in UI is made to increase customer engagement rate and avoid communication gaps.

    Which new change in Jobma's UI is your most/least favorite and why? Let us know down in the comments! Also, if you are looking for a tech-savvy, affordable, and remote-based hiring tool for your HR team, request a free demo of Jobma.

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