EquityMatch.co Wraps Up Another Exceptional Episode of The 'Weekly Pitch Events'

Top Quote EquityMatch.co held its third episode of the ‘Weekly Pitch Events’, presenting 3 sets of ambitious and talented startup founders who were determined to showcase their business startups to eager viewers. For more details on the latest pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via LinkedIn and YouTube. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 14, 2023 - EquityMatch.co released its third episode of the ‘Weekly Pitch Events’, and they yet again succeeded in presenting 3 sets of ambitious and talented pitchers who were determined to showcase their business startups to eager viewers. The Weekly Pitch Events is an online broadcast that presents a platform for business founders of all ages to come pitch their business plans to experienced investors on a global scale. Individuals who are concerned about these topics can join with EquityMatch.co.

    For more details on the latest pitches, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via LinkedIn and YouTube.

    In this episode EquityMatch.co brought forward 3 very ambitious candidates. As always, Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi was the host. He is also the founder of “EquityMatch.co”, as well as the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. Max is a CEO, as well as a venture capitalist, a business owner, and a merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has advised companies on deals worth more than €100 million and fundraising efforts totaling more than €50 million.

    Lakki Pattey, who is the Founder of NA Technologies AS (Profile) was the first to pitch. The presentation started with Lakki welcoming all viewers to New Amigos - which is an app, that was built with the sole purpose and mission of embracing and strongly connecting with different cultures across the world.

    The present world is overwhelmed with border conflicts, this has surged the refugee numbers. For instance, the Ukrainian refugees are facing enormous challenges, while there are those who are ready to assist, due to no proper channel being in place, some efforts run the risk of being wrongly directed. Another issue the world is facing is the risk of old cultures dying out, due to the teachings not being passed down through the generations. According to Lakki, these problems can be solved with the app. “We already have launched, and we have governmental support for 12 different language combinations, and we got a top score from the Kven Youth Organization - an endangered language in Norway and Sweden”, he stated. Lakki also explained that their main objective is to improve the app's UK/UI while adding “We're already a household name in Norway through 64,000 board games as we have sold to 5 million Norwegians”. Being the first Language Café in Europe is another impressive achievement New Amigos has under their belt. The app uses a licensed model where they can gain a yearly license that enables €30,000 a year per language combination. It is accessible to anyone with a session costing up to $3.

    Linda Davis took over the second round to pitch her incredible startup. She is the Co-founder of the business venture OXygean-OX (Profile). Linda has worked in recruitment and human capital for almost 2 decades while also running having founded several recruitment companies.

    OX is an app that was built for Web 3.0. That was what we got to know at the beginning. Linda then explained that OX is a 1-minute Job App targeting the Generation Z group, with the age range falling between 15-25. Fascinatingly, it is a new income stream that’s not yet recognized as an income stream. OX users can work from anywhere at any time through their smart devices. Linda explained that in time, an average user can unlock a monthly rate of €50. The payments will be coming from corporates, governments and society. The users will be paid for their time, creativity and digital attention. OX users also have total control and privacy over their data. They can choose to or not engage with the market. The business model OX uses is an Individual-2-Business Model. “We have it intrinsically in our platform a Behavioral Science that we've developed over a 10-year period that will enable Brands to match with people on such a deep level that the value of the information they get back will be 10x what it currently is in the market today”, Linda explained. She also added that the OX app is a hybrid between a working app and a financial app because it offers the user a job as well as money.

    Next was Bradley Jones. He is the CFO and Co-founder of CROSSIP. Bradley has vast experience in the finance sector, where he has worked in investment banking for over a decade, while also having founded a software business.

    Bradley's presentation started off by explaining what CROSSIP is. It is an award-winning non-alcoholic spirit brand. The trade and customer behavior is shifting when it comes to alcohol. Bradley shared some interesting stats about the non-alcoholic market. For instance, nearly 82% of UK bars have increased their No & Low offering in 2023, with 75% of bartenders endorsing it themselves. 1 in 3 restaurants/pubs have become alcohol-free. The market opportunity is huge. He even explained how the No & Low spirits market is expected to grow 14% CAGR. “CROSSIP was voted by the Independent the best overall non-alcoholic spirit with a 10/10 rating for three years running and remains their favorite option for 2023” Bradley added. He further explained how there is a global-level opportunity with significant traction coming from the Middle East. The CROSSIP model is a distributor model. The annual sales of CROSSIP have grown over 100%. The focus is to grow by another 100% over the coming year. “The International expansion is a low cost of capital and relatively easy to scale” Bradley further stated. He ended the pitch by adding “conservatively we think we can reach £20 million in sales by 2028 based on industry multiples. This would value the business at around £200 million at which point we would be a perfect bolt-on acquisition target for large beverage conglomerates”

    Before the session concluded the candidates were asked “Why should an investor invest in your business startup? ”

    Lakki responded, “I'll say it's the three Ps and it's not just the profit, but it's people, planet, profit and I like to add another P – peace, we're in a small segment which has a big potential in itself but it can also grow into any language combination”.

    Linda then responded “With AI and automation changing the way in which people do work, OX will enable humans to do real work in a completely different way. We already have 1.2 million downloads globally, the return on investment will be very quick and aggressive”
    Brad ended the session with “No & Low drinks are a substantially growing market, we have a product that is proven, and we have a team to execute a strategy over the next five years to grow and sell and give a return to our investors”

    With that, the third episode was complete. The course allows free membership to EquityMatch.co, which enables participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them directly in contact with investors. Need further information on upcoming sessions and events? visit www.equitymatch.co and EquityMatch.co. social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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