Enhanced Auto-Rules in the New Version of SearchAdsHQ

Top Quote SplitMetrics releases a brand-new version of SearchAdsHQ, platform for Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaign management. This version comes armed with an updated auto-rules module. Now users can customize rules to meet their business objectives, get more flexibility in campaign management, automate routine but important processes that take much time and as a result raise efficiency of ASA campaigns. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 03, 2019 - SplitMetrics, the developer of software solutions for mobile app marketing and analytics, has released the new version of SearchAdsHQ. SearchAdsHQ is the comprehensive platform for Apple Search Ads campaign management.

    SearchAdsHQ stands out among similar solutions due to seamless user experience and ample opportunities: flexible filters, bulk campaign & keyword management and actionable analytics on both ASA and MMP (mobile measurement partner) sides.

    The new version of SearchAdsHQ is endowed with enhanced rules functionality which brings App Store ads management to the next level.

    Keyword Bid Adjustment by Business Goals
    The most significant changes pertain to brand-new rule actions: primarily an innovative feature that enables SearchAdsHQ users to set rules that adjust keyword bids by target metrics. Now mobile app publishers can fine-tune their Apple Search Ads campaigns to meet major business objectives.

    Target metrics include the following KPIs: Cost per Install (CPI), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost per Conversion and Cost per Goal. To take advantage of this new kind of rules a user should choose a metrics they would like to focus on, set a target value, data range, as well as upper and lower bid limit in order to meet the budget. After that, the bid will adjust to the target metrics value.

    This functionality contributes much to the SearchAdsHQ image of a smart tool that ensures process automation and enables mobile publishers to achieve their business objectives while saving a lot of time.

    Re-Enabling Paused Keywords
    Another notable rule action introduced in the latest version of SearchAdsHQ: option allowing the platform users to enable keywords that were previously suspended. This feature is useful for unpausing keywords that perform better than they used to, in automatic mode.

    Run Frequency
    The new version of SearchAdsHQ was also enforced by detailed rules customization. Now SearchAdsHQ users are provided with an opportunity to customize run frequency for every rule: for example, each Friday at 7pm, every three days, monthly or every three, six, twelve hours.

    This update helps to customize SearchAdsHQ for specific needs of every business domain. For example, hotel booking app owners know that most people search for a hotel on Friday evenings, so they might want to increase the keyword bid for this time. New SearchAdsHQ feature enables them to do that by setting run frequency as weekly on Fridays at 8 p.m.

    Date Range
    Moreover, the new version of SearchAdsHQ comes armed with updated rule date range settings. This option enables mobile publishers to get analytical data for specific time frame and set custom date range. For example, if there was a special promotion week in an app and a user would like to get data for the last month, they can just exclude the past seven days from the date range.

    “We’ve laid the foundations for both time and value-based ad campaign optimization in SearchAdsHQ to help mobile publishers focus on what matters most: strategic decision-making, meeting business goals and, of course, increasing revenue. We strive for the continuous improvement of our product. This SearchAdsHQ version is another confirmation that we are not going to stop there,” said Max Kamenkov, Co-founder and CEO of SplitMetrics.

    “SearchAdsHQ perfectly complements Apple Search Ads: it provides a comprehensive view of the funnel and enables mobile marketers to create rules that automate processes and even more: adjust campaigns to constantly changing environment. All this reduces the amount of routine work and frees up room for creativity. Enhanced auto-rules module is a hymn to flexibility and efficiency of ad campaign management,” said Anton Tatarinovich, Head of Marketing at SplitMetrics.

    SearchAdsHQ, comprehensive solution for ASA campaign management, is already heavily used by such eminent companies and brands, as Rovio, Invoice Simple, InnoGames, Blacklane, Flo, Pixelberry Studios and more.

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