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  • SplitMetrics Releases Unique Course and Exam on Apple Search Ads
  • SplitMetrics, a company behind tools for mobile publishers, rolls out the complete Apple Search Ads Course and the first of its kind Exam on Apple Search Ads.
  • SplitMetrics, an official Apple Search Ads Partner with its SearchAdsHQ platform, has announced the release of the comprehensive Apple Search Ads Cour ...
  • April 25, 2020
  • Enhanced Auto-Rules in the New Version of SearchAdsHQ
  • SplitMetrics releases a brand-new version of SearchAdsHQ, platform for Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaign management. This version comes armed with an updated auto-rules module. Now users can customize rules to meet their business objectives, get more flexibility in campaign management, automate routine but important processes that take much time and as a result raise efficiency of ASA campaigns.
  • SplitMetrics, the developer of software solutions for mobile app marketing and analytics, has released the new version of SearchAdsHQ. SearchAdsHQ is ...
  • August 03, 2019
  • SplitMetrics Issues Most Insightful Apple Search Ads Report in 2019
  • SplitMetrics, the developer of comprehensive tools for mobile marketing & analytics, has released a report dedicated to Apple Search Ads keywords performance in 2019.
  • Apple Search Ads (ASA) has managed to become one of the most helpful tools for mobile marketers and user acquisition managers since its appearance in ...
  • June 21, 2019