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  • Efficiency Matrix Announces The Launch Of The New Fire Rated Basic Mitt Downlight Cover
  • Efficiency Matrix has launched a new Ventilated Down light cover retrofit which includes a fire rating and a transformer holder. The Downlight Cover will meet strict new regulations in the building and architecture industry. It is designed to help solve problems rather than working around them.
  • Efficiency Matrix offers its affordable product the Basic Mitt, which is a ventilated downlight cover and can be completely retrofitted over existing ...
  • June 24, 2010  
  • New Energy Saver Downlight Solutions
  • Recessed light creates huge inefficiencies in homes all around the world. Standard Halogen Lamps are the root cause of the problem. The dynamics of downlighters needs to change completely. Our Downlight product fixes downlights, and makes recessed lighting fittings friendlier for the future of lighting in LED Lamps.
  • We all love our downlights, we all want to keep our downlights, but we all also want to try to act on climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. ...
  • January 04, 2010