New Energy Saver Downlight Solutions

Top Quote Recessed light creates huge inefficiencies in homes all around the world. Standard Halogen Lamps are the root cause of the problem. The dynamics of downlighters needs to change completely. Our Downlight product fixes downlights, and makes recessed lighting fittings friendlier for the future of lighting in LED Lamps. End Quote
    Quote Downlights, the UGLY Truth that now has an EASY FIX! Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 04, 2010 - We all love our downlights, we all want to keep our downlights, but we all also want to try to act on climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

    * Where are the affordable energy saver replacements for our downlights?
    * Also how can we stop our downlights from making our roof into swiss cheese?

    Downlight lamps are problematic because the standard affordable downlight lamps out there try to ventilate upwards into your roof area, while providing most of the light output from the halogen lamp downwards. This becomes a problem, because it becomes hard to install a downlight cover over your fitting so that the fitting can be insulated properly and safely.

    Here are the Highlights of the biggest problems that downlights introduce to the home:
    * Convection Currents - When your lights are turned on, heat from your halogen lamp encourages air from your living area to shoot up into your roof area.
    * Heated Air pressure - During cold days, downlight fittings create openings and gaps in your insulation to enable hot air to freely pass at the most optimum location in the house. Hot air want to go up, and when you put your ducted heating on, this heat moves straight into your roof area.
    * Expansion of Heated Air. - During hot days, the sun creates extremely hot air in your roof area(70˚+ C), this air expands and pushes down into your living area through ventilated downlight fittings. This effect is especially undesirable when you have LED recessed light fittings installed. LED lamps can be damaged by operating in temperatures of 70˚ Celcius.
    * Air Drop - During cold nights, downlight fittings enable cold air to freely drop into your house. Our house gets cooler quicker, with ventilated downlight fittings.
    * Spread of Draughts - During windy days, your roof can become quite draughty, these draughts freely move into your living area with ventilated downlight fittings.

    Efficiency Matrix has introduced to the market an affordable Energy Saver halogen lamp, which can cost effectively retrofit into your existing fittings, and provide you equal light output to your existing lamps with 30% less energy consumption, and at the same time reducing substantially the heat dissipation in your roof which enables you to safely retrofit your fitting with a quality downlight cover.

    Efficiency Matrix is also releasing a 20W version of this lamp and it provides superior light output compared to most CFL (Compact Fluoro Lighting) downlights.

    These two products combine:
    * to provide home owners with a viable solution to recessed lighting instead of compact fluoro downlighting, and its a solution which can be installed without an electrical license. (diy)
    * to allow you to install energy efficient lighting into a house operating with downlights and they also allow you to light up different areas differently depending on your needs.

    Take a look at the Efficiency Matrix Halogen Mitt which has been engineered to work together with the Efficiency Matrix Halogen Lamps and cover up your downlights with a fire rating and an R-value for thermal insulation.

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