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  • (1888PressRelease) December 14, 2023 - EquityMatch.co introduces Pitch Events, a platform facilitating connections between investors and startups. EquityMatch.co has been instrumental in realizing the aspirations of numerous founders. Translate your ideas into a compelling presentation showcasing your capability to achieve your objectives, with Max guiding the journey.

    Our readers can easily participate in these Pitch Events for insightful discussions every Tuesday and Thursday, airing live from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. GMT on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The 79th episode focused on the sector Agnostic. Founders from Europe, North, and South America took the stage to pitch their ventures.

    Max, the founder of Equity Match, kicked off the session by introducing the participating founders.

    Co-founder and CEO of Myndoor, Francesco Finazzi, hails from Italy. He is currently seeking €300,000 in his Pre-Seed Round to invest in the health tech and human resource sectors.

    Myndoor aims to assist individuals in understanding their stress levels and physiological well-being in advance.

    Drawing from his background as a Navy helicopter pilot, Francesco emphasizes that chronic stress has personal and social ramifications. He notes that nearly 60% of daily productivity is lost to stress, resulting in a global cost of €900 billion annually. The proposed solution involves detecting stress before any physical symptoms manifest. The foundation of Myndoor is built upon data collected over seven years, totaling over 100,000 cases, and analyzed by more than 30 affiliated psychology consultants.

    The AI model of "Myndoor" is patented for detecting stress through both written and spoken language. The product has garnered early interest, securing 10 contracts with corporate wellness programs. Additionally, a Slack App has been released on Amazon.
    The Global Healthcare market will be at 16.1% CAGR by 2030 with $780 billion. The €300,000 funding sought will be allocated towards strengthening the team and expanding into the European market.

    When questioned about the selling point, Francesco highlighted Amazon Web Services, which will be accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the plan includes targeting large companies, charging a modest $1 monthly fee initially, with a long-term goal of matching competitor charges at US$3.

    Jennifer K. Hill, CEO, and Co-founder of Optimatch, based in California, is currently seeking a $1.2 million investment in the SaaS/B2B sector for her innovative recruitment platform.

    In the initial part of her pitch, Jennifer highlights her past success, mentioning that her previous company was acquired by the largest accounting firm in the US. Optimatch is her latest venture, focusing on the same industry with similar tools, aiming to connect employers with employees. The platform employs an algorithm to align internal teams and onboard new employees, fostering a stress-free environment, ultimately leading to increased productivity and higher employee retention rates.

    The global market for this service is valued at $45 billion, with the US market accounting for over $14 billion. Jennifer aims to capture 10% of the US market. She elaborates on how Optimatch successfully resolved a significant issue for a million-dollar company by aligning employees within just three weeks. The platform boasts a quick matching process, taking only 5 to 10 minutes based on questionnaires from both hiring parties and applicants.

    Currently engaged in a marketing drive, Jennifer plans to launch a pilot program in Los Angeles. The business model revolves around SaaS/B2B, where employers pay per month per match.

    “There are no other platforms out there that do anything remotely similar to what we do” Jennifer added. In conclusion, Jennifer mentions that they have already secured a commitment of $200,000 from another Silicon Valley company. She emphasizes the strength of her team and invites anyone interested to join.

    In the Q&A, Max asks about how Optimatch assesses skills with just 20 questions. Jennifer clarifies that their platform focuses on aligning individuals based on motivating factors, not specific skills. Max raises a concern about managerial turnover in large companies and the need for replacements. Jennifer notes she hasn't encountered this question previously and emphasizes their focus on strategic investors passionate about the industry and their mission.

    The third founder presenting was Harry Jung, the CEO and Founder of GEARAPP Inc. headquartered in California. His company offers a platform designed to assist in real-time inventory management for SMBs. Harry is currently in his Pre-Seed Round, seeking a €500,000 investment in web3, inventory management, blockchain, low-code builder, and DeepTech.

    Harry begins by discussing the complexities of the present-day inventory system, emphasizing that many businesses still rely on spreadsheets, which come with inherent limitations, especially in terms of slow real-time updates. According to Harry, errors in the existing system result in a staggering loss of $3 trillion. GEARAPP Inc., addresses this issue with a customizable application that provides real-time visibility, eliminating inaccuracies. The application also supports transaction analysis and forecasting, with inventories reconciled in significantly less time due to AI integration.

    Targeting a total addressable market of $20 billion and aiming for a 12% SAM in the US, GEARAPP Inc's business model includes monthly and annual subscriptions, along with support for a pay-as-you-go model. The company has achieved a milestone with 900,000 sign-ups and is currently enhancing its app with AI-powered scanning technology.

    Harry mentions that GEARAPP Inc. is receiving support from key players such as Google, Microsoft, Mar Accelerator, and Score Silicon Valley. The proposed investment of US$500,000 will be allocated to infrastructure and operations, product development, and sales and marketing.

    In response to Max's inquiry about any onboard charges, Harry explains that since their primary clientele is SMBs, they do not impose any setup fees. However, for larger-scale businesses, customization and training are necessary, and fees for these services will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    The final presenter of the day was Janis Blazevics, Co-founder & CEO of CrowdedHero, a licensed equity crowdfunding platform in Latvia, operating in the Fintech sector. The company is currently seeking an investment of €200,000 in its Seed Round.
    With over ten years of experience as an ex-banker, Janis, along with his partner, founded the company and it stands as the second company in the EU to secure crowd-funding equity-based licenses. As the company establishes agent networks across Europe, its target investors extend globally.

    Janis mentioned that they have already invested over €600,000 in the project. A distinctive aspect of CrowdedHero is its provision of equity to equity, aiming to create a robust investor community in the Baltics. Janis likened their mission to a Tinder match for investors and project owners.

    The business model revolves around a success fee and a one-time onboarding fee. Additionally, Janis introduced a win-win fee structure in the event that the investor achieves success. The company has formed a multinational advisory board and appointed ambassadors throughout Europe. Established partnerships with companies in the EU and business agent networks in the Baltics.

    The team, consisting of seven members, is seeking a €200,000 investment to sustain the company for the next year until they qualify for EU grant money.

    In response to Max's questions, Janis revealed that the minimum lead investment should be €25,000, and there are plans to expand the ambassador network and activities to the Middle East. Regarding revenue, Janis assured investors of an annual income of 20%-30%.
    The Elevator Pitch began with Janis. He continued by inviting investors to join, meet new people, explore new projects, and embark on a great journey for the next couple of years.

    Harry shared, “By investing in Gearapp you not only help our business but also support many SMBs around the world.”

    Francesco added, “Seven years of study and the patented technology to detect stress before any symptoms are going to revolutionize the corporate wellness market and definitely a global change.”

    Finally, Jennifer highlighted, “What we have now may be a billion-dollar market. In the next 5 to 7 years, it will become a trillion-dollar market. Starting right now with human resources, we'll soon be tackling mental health wellness and the dating field. So within the next 5-7 years, we’ll be generating trillions of dollars annually in this world.”

    Max, pleasantly thanking the founders, closed the session by reminding participants about the next event and the available joining options.

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