Dakshin presents Traditional flavours from Kodagu (Coorg)

Top Quote Dakshin at WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi presents traditional delicacies of Kodagu during the 10 day long food festival from 22nd July to 31st July, 2011. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 22, 2011 - Dakshin, the restaurant serving the 'The Celebrated Tastes of Southern India' at the WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi presents traditional delicacies of Kodagu- the smallest district of Karnataka located high up on the Western Ghats in a ten day food promotion.

    As in any cuisine, Coorg food is influenced by the geography (hills and forests), history (shrouded in mystery) and culture (unique) of its people. Coorgs are "pure" or "strict" non-vegetarians, as some of them like to call themselves. This obviously goes back to the times when they hunted the wild boar, deer and birds that populated their dense forests. Fish and crabs are caught in the paddy fields, ponds and streams that are found everywhere in Coorg. No Coorg meal is complete without at least one non-vegetarian dish. Pork is an all-time favorite, cooked as Pandi curry and served with Kadambuttu for breakfast, or with rice at other meals. Meat, chicken and fish, whether raised at home, bought from the market or hunted in the forest are cooked in a variety of ways with different combinations of spices. They may be fried, roasted, grilled or cooked as a curry with gravy. Meat and fish are also preserved by pickling or by salting, smoking and drying. A reed basket hung over the fireplace in the traditional Coorg kitchen held the salted meat or fish that was being smoke-dried. Dried meat and fish are used during the long monsoon season when stepping out of the house is nearly impossible. Dried fish and crab meat are also used to make spicy chutneys. Meat features in many traditions of the Coorgs .

    Coorgs are also partial to vegetable dishes that use produce from their forests and fields. The basic ingredients of traditional gravy for a Coorg Curry, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is coconut, ground with onions, garlic and a selection of other spices.

    For a taste of Kogagu, Dakshin will be offering Lunch and Dinner Set Menus and ala carte options during the 10-day food festival at Dakshin with offerings like: KODAGU CUTLETS (Lamb patties flavored with ginger, onion and green chilies and deep fry) POOYARCHI BARTAD (Succulent slice of lamb liver marinated with chilli, garlic, deep-fried and tossed with onion and green chilli), KOOMU BARTHAD (Stir fry Mushroom tossed onion and pepper powder, lemon juice) MANGYEPAJJI (Tempered yoghurt based curry with half-ripe Mango ) CHAKKAI KOORU CURRY (Tender Jag fruits and red beans tempered and tossed with onion, turmeric and chilli) TARAKARI CURRY (Vegetable mélange simmered in coconut masala gravy, ginger and green chilli) KOLI NALLAMULLU FRY (Chicken morsels tossed in Coorgi vinegar and red chili paste) PANDI CURRY (A Coorgi boneless pork preparation, enhanced with Coorgi vinegar and Coorgi spices KODAGU YARCHI BARTAD (Lamb cubes tossed with baby onion, bell pepper) MEEN CURRY (Cubes of seer fish simmered in tomato and Coorg vinegar) COORG YARCHI PULAV (Lamb cooked with Coorg rice and flavored Coorg spices) MAANKAAYI CHITRANNA (Cooked rice flavored with raw green mango and spices), AKKI OOTI (A thick, flat pancake-like dish made with a dough of rice flour, chillies, onions and salt; shaped and flattened by hand prior to cooking) NULLU PUTTU (Steamed rice string hoppers) KADUMBUTT (Steamed crumble rice dumpling) DUMROOT HALWA (White pumpkin cooked in pure ghee and milk) MANGAI RASAYANA (Ripe Mango puree in sweetened milk with chopped mango)

    Celebrated as one of India's finest restaurant, Dakshin offers "The Celebrated Tastes of Southern India" where Southern India's rich culinary legacy comes to you, authentic and untampered from the heart of a vastly varied stretch of land courted by the sea. Savor unique seafood specialties from the Moplah community in Kerela or choose to enjoy the tradition vegetarian fare of the house of Iyers and much more; for Dakshin brings you an uncommon collection of Southern India's most enticing dishes from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerela. The use of vessels likes 'Urli' and 'Adukku' will kindle your imagination to a bygone era in a setting that epitomizes the rich cultural heights of this part of the country

    ITC Hotels tradition of culinary excellence is reflected in its specialty restaurants across the country. Here one can enjoy the subtle flavors of different cuisines, authentic to a particular culture and culinary style. Cuisines that have been researched and refined to be a gourmet's delight. The tradition continues at WelcomHotel Sheraton New Delhi with its specialty restaurants. Dakshin which offers "The Celebrated Tastes of Southern India" and Pan Asian which offers "The Flavours of East Asia".

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