Cubaaz's Partnership with Other Groups to Improve Travel Consumers’ Experience

Top Quote Just like the popular adage rightly says, a tree does not make a forest, and as such, the Cubaaz team understands that it takes collaborative efforts to be able to make any noticeable changes in any facet of life. Therefore, various international organizations have joined forces with Cubaaz to ensure the implementation of the proposed facilitation of improved traveling experiences for users. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 25, 2018 - To begin with, Cubaaz is a specialized platform that has been designed to improve travel in all ramifications by ensuring that users can enjoy faster, cheaper and more pleasurable travel options. New business models are to be created in the travel industry to achieve these goals. By using big data, cryptocurrency, collective intelligence, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, Cubaaz and its partnering groups are set to provide an innovative platform with several features that will make sure that traveling becomes more efficient and convenient for the consumers.

    Instead of the existing systems that necessitated the need for travelers to browse through hundreds of websites of travel suppliers before getting the services or products they need, Cubaaz acts as the only platform that brings everything consumers need to their fingertips. Cubaaz offers enhanced filter tools that use the power of Expedia, Trivago, Airbnb,, Tripadvisor, Uber, Cheapticket, Bravofly, and several other travel suppliers to ease the way travelers get the travel services that they need. Using the platform set in place by Cubaaz, travelers can search and compare the prices of innumerable products and services such as flights, tourist guide, vacation houses, private taxi/ chauffeurs, tourist attractions, hotels, car rental, trains cruise, restaurants, bus/ public transports and much more.

    After searching and finding the best deals that will facilitate their travel, consumers can make payment through Cubaaz’s platform and book any of the products and services they need. Even if there is any need for these users to cancel, manage or make any modifications to their orders, they can do so through Cubaaz. This is an unprecedented method that has never been used in the travel industry, and it will have significant effects on the industry and the experiences of the users. Users do not have to create accounts on multiple websites before getting these transactions done as Cubaaz serves as the one-stop platform that facilitates innumerable activities across different websites.

    Cubaaz platform comes with varying features and options that do not only simplify the activities of the users but also make sure that transactions are faster and more reliable. The bank-level security that is used on the platform provides the highest level of security that keeps everyone’s transactions safe from all forms of threats.

    Knowdle Media Group
    One of the most prominent partners of Cubaaz in this groundbreaking service is Knowdle Media Group. Knowdle is a group of innovative companies that utilizes advanced technologies to enhance the eco-efficiency of companies to offer their clients an improved value for any service or product. Knowdle will be leading the implementation of various technologies such as collective technology and artificial technology into the platform being created by Cubaaz.

    With various seasoned and professional individuals working as part of the group, Knowdle is truly equipped with the expertise, experience, and versatility needed to assist Cubaaz in actualizing its set goals. This unsurpassed group will help Cubaaz build a sustainable and intelligent community that automatically manages the transactions of various consumers seamlessly.

    Due to the importance of technology to the success of modern businesses, Cubaaz is also partnering with another IT company called Nubersia. This industry-leading company specializes in proffering first-rate solutions that are delivered through cloud computing technology. Having committed to providing digital transaction to its clients, Nubersia will be assisting Cubaaz through the development, implementation, and management of mobile apps, web apps, multimedia and other tools that the Cubaaz team needs to facilitate travels for its users.

    Being a social platform that promotes the display of audiovisual contents, Buaala uses the algorithm of artificial intelligence to process millions of data that are generated by users. In a bid to improve the services provided to people across different platforms, Buaala extracts the information of users and process it through collective intelligence.
    With the assistance of Buaala, Cubaaz will be able to understand the needs of the existing and potential customers better; thus, sell targeted products and services that suit their needs and preferences. This goes beyond merely satisfying them on the first try, it creates new relationships with potential customers and solidifies the existing relationship of Cubaaz with the current customers.

    First Real Transac Holding
    A major investment partner of Cubaaz is First Real Transac Holding which is a company that focuses on providing high-quality real estate services, marketing, and international distribution. With several years of experience under the belt of the leaders of the group, First Real Transac Holding is expanding into different sectors; thus, the group is collaborating with Cubaaz to implement this innovative and exceptional platform. Since the group has experienced tremendous success over the past years in its various business transactions, it is coming with the winning mentality, experience, expertise, and investment that the Cubaaz team needs to optimize the benefits of the platform for consumers and all stakeholders.

    Cuba Sensation
    Cuba Sensation primarily brings its wealth of experience and relationships with owners of the rental houses and other travel suppliers to the forefront of its partnership with Cubaaz. As a company based in Cuba, Cuba Sensation uses its experience to immortalize the experiences of travelers in Cuba and other countries around the world.

    Without an iota of doubt, the goal of Cubaaz and its partnering teams are big but achievable. Each team on board is working 24/7 to ensure that the goal of facilitating travels to be faster, more efficient, and cheaper is achieved.

    As part of the ongoing process of establishing the Cubaaz platform, an ICO will be launched on February 5, 2018. This ICO will be an avenue to start the sales of the Cubaaz Coin (CC) which will be used for all transactions on the ecosystem of Cubaaz. Visit for more information on the ICO, CC and other activities of Cubaaz.

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