Corruption and Development in the Developing Countries

Top Quote Dr. Mehenou Satu Amouzou outlines the presence of corruption in developing countries and how that corruption undermines fair development. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 18, 2012 - According to Dr. Mehenou Satu Amouzou, it can be argued that corruption exists to some extent in all societies. The degree and level of corruption largely depends on the power structure of the municipality and level the control institutes the corruption. Usually corruption is concentrated at the top and follows a top down strategy. This explains the degree of control through the rule of law, the morality and our beliefs. Corruption in developing nations has been a Foreign Policy to influence the sovereignty of countries by openly authorizing an ordinary government to become an autocratic dictatorial, repressive and abusive government to its own people.

    This Foreign Corruption Policy doctrine categorized as "do what you are told in exchange for my support" has prevailed as the foreign policy in many African countries since their Independence. This doctrine has led to poor economic conditions in these countries mainly macro effect evidenced by a subpar infrastructure including but not limited to failing hospitals, schools, houses, access to clean potable water and energy sources which are considered luxury items. If you apply to have basic water service in your house for which you will pay, your access and how quickly you receive the service still depends on your relationship with individuals who work in the government agency and also determines how much your monthly costs will be. Even those willing to pay premiums will not receive the service until at least eight months later.

    An overwhelming detrimental effect of corruption is cause and effect. The cause of corruption by heads of states leads to the represented country becoming a welfare state which holds unaccountability to its constituents. The social depravity these constituents encounter from a lacking infrastructural base is insurmountable. Whole countries have to endure loss of basic tools like vaccines and other medications while to receive meager services one must pay corrupt doctors side fees and larger premiums for better care. While the leaders of these countries send their families, mistresses to the occident for treatment of basic things such as headaches and dental problems, women who have just had children through cesarean surgery have no beds and they must sleep on the floor in the hospitals

    Corruption in developing countries makes it possible for developing nations to finance Developed-Countries (including most major western & communist countries) in different ways by sacrificing the life of their own citizens just for the power. During any major election in a developed country, these developed countries become capitals of rising/solicitation funds from the poorer countries. On each presidential election there are more than several hundred million Euros that leave these African countries to the Developed-Countries, and we have not mentioned the Congressional, the Senate, the Regional and the Municipal Elections.

    The same Developing Nations which do not have a basic infrastructure where their citizens can survive a migraine are the same corrupt countries that flood developed countries with capital to assist in elections of local officials without any representation at the federal level. This deficient and archaic style of management must be eradicated if developing countries are to survive.

    According to Dr. Mehenou Amouzou everybody is responsible for the active corruption in the developing countries including the Developed-Countries. The big propaganda from the Westerners' media, through NOG, newspapers, televisions, which receives donations and funding and follow their executive order of countries which do not align themselves to the Foreign Corruption Policy becomes very systematic and sometimes it is enforced by the International Organizations, which are to Dr. Mehenou Amouzou a Corporate welfare dependent on contributions of the poorer people and they receive the instructions of the top Developed-Countries.

    Dr. Amouzou believes that, the fight against corruption has never been fair as it supposed to reprimand the corrupter and the country but that has never been the case. All these corrupt developing countries have their funds in the Developed-Countries banks and all the Developed-Countries government agencies are aware of them, but as soon you do what you are told to do you can get away with it; still if you kill or massacre your own people, you do not get respect of the people who vote; you rule by fear and change can never prevail if based on fear.

    Did the Developed-Countries have real intent to help solve the corruption in the developing countries? Only the future will tell us, so far due to the past experiences and what is going on at this moment, it is very difficult to believe that developed countries are sincere opponents of corruption. Also there were, and are, many dictators who have deposited funds in the Developed-Countries' banks; some pass away and the funds were never returned to help the development of these countries. There are several billion dollars that have aggregately been stolen and continue to be stolen but only a few million dollars are returned and no, NOG, Media, Television, News Papers or Government Agency Watch Dogs are talking about it.

    For Dr. Amouzou, developing countries do not need financial aid or assistance, this aid, constitutes modern economy slaveries which result from the Foreign Corruption Policy Act. Developing countries like Africa are incapable of financing or paying their regional economic organization annual membership due to their lack of funds but to stay in power and massacre their own people they are ready to contribute to the financing of the Developed-Countries.

    Dr. Amouzou received his Master in Business, from the European Advanced Institute of Management, also a Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris, France. He completed his Post Graduation work in Political Strategy, International Relation and Defense Strategies and earned his Ph.D. in International Finance.

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