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  • (1888PressRelease) August 05, 2017 - The problem with Medicare, although it is sponsored by the government, is that it hardly covers what senior citizens need. It becomes a burden for retirees to dip into their retirement fund to pay for proper and reliable health care. Most seniors end up paying up to $12,000 out of pocket for health care needs not covered by their current Medicare plans; it is an amount most cannot afford.

    For these senior citizens, the best way to get full coverage is through the Medicare Medigap. All Medigap supplemental insurance plans are standardized for the safety and protection of the beneficiaries. Compare Medigap plans to find one that suits your needs correctly.

    Experienced Medigap brokers often say, " There are Medigap Insurance Plans for everyone’s needs. " This is a very true statement because plans vary from A to N, all with their specific coverage range. Those who are interested in filling in the gaps of their Medicare stand to benefit the most from comparing the different Medigap rates.

    " Understanding the benefits is key to selecting the best Medigap Plans," senior health care providers often tell their patients. Here are the different plans included in all standard Medigap policies:
    Plans A to N offer full coverage of Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs of up to 365 days after the benefits of Medicare have been used up.

    All plans excluding K (50%) and L (75%) covers 100% of Medicare Part B coinsurance or co-payments, the first 3 pints of blood, Medicare Part A hospice care facility co-payment or coinsurance costs.

    Plans A and B do not cover the cost of a skilled nursing facility coinsurance costs while Plan K covers 50% and Plan L 75%. All other plans provide a full 100% coverage for this benefit.

    Only Plan A does not cover Medicare Part A deductibles while K offers 50% and L 75% cost coverage. Other plans in the Medigap Insurance cover all Part A deductibles.

    Only Plan F offers full 100% coverage for Medicare Part B deductible costs.

    Plans F and G are the only Medigap plans that covers Part B excess charges. As for the Foreign travel exchange rates Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N cover 80% of the total costs.

    " There is a lot to take in," Medigap Insurance providers say, "But it is worth taking the time to understand these plans and their limitations," they conclude.

    There are other parts of the Medigap plans comparison chart to take into account. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed with all the information and differences in plans. " Rest assured that with some important information from your part, our experienced brokers provide Medigap quotes that can assist you in Choosing a Medigap Policy that you can afford," senior health insurance experts say.

    Simply relying on Medicare is not optimal for senior citizens who deserve to live a carefree retirement. They have worked hard and should be provided with the health care they need to live comfortably. Paying excessive amounts out-of-pocket should no longer be a concern. Medigap helps fill in those gaps to ensure you no longer have to worry about hospital and health care bills in the future.

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