Cheng Chung-chuan: Blaze of Glory

Top Quote Blaze of Glory – Cheng Chung-Chuan Solo Exhibition Artist | Cheng Chung-Chuan Duration | 09.05.2020 - 10.04.2020 Opening Reception | 09.05.2020 Sat. p.m. Venue | Powen Gallery(No.11, Lane 164, Songjiang Road, Taipei City MAP) Powen Gallery is proud to present Cheng Chung-Chuan’s solo exhibition in Taipei. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 05, 2020 - Cheng Chung-Chuan (b. 1931) started painting in the 1950s, which was during Taiwan’s art barren period, yet it was a golden period for Cheng. In her early years, Cheng took part in avant-garde and modernist movement. Later on, she went to Japan and embraced the life there. Despite the challenges of living in a foreign country, she persevered with her passion for painting. For the development of art in Taiwan, Cheng is said to be one of the very few outstanding female painters during that early period, and her skills were particularly precious in a time of limited resources. Cheng Chung-Chuan’s works expressed a spirit of warmth and serenity, waves of emotions specific to women, life’s complex sentiments and perplexities, and a yearning for the quest of life and ideals. The above sentiments and themes have been expressed freely in Cheng’s works since youth to this day.

    Cheng Chung-Chuan draws inspiration from nature for her art creation and manifests her imagination through a diverse interplay of plants, flowers, and art. She gives specific focus to the innate rhythm of visual elements and transforms her acute thinking onto the canvas. Her painting usually comprises of visual contrasting by painting golden yellow flowers in widely varied dissonance, through which the inner structure of nature and life unfolds consciously. Objects are depicted to be constantly evolving and generating; they move in a slowly pulsating space and take up a shape unconfined by form. We can view them as images for the soul that speak for nature. To grasp her steadfast sentiments requires exploration of metaphorical landscape that resides within her true self. Between the painter and the objects painted exist a certain delicate critique relationship. How to bring forth and express with a renewed visual vocabulary often depends on the painter’s character as a person and craft as an artist. Cheng Chun-Chuan’s painting is more than a re-presentation of nature depiction but a refinement and transcendence through objective interpretation. Her painting is a manifestation of released genuine emotions and disposition that are all encompassing.

    Cheng Chung-Chuan has built a new order of seeing with her staunch artistic belief. As a result, any unease and confusion in everyday life can then surpass the norm. Not only is painting the window to her soul through which Cheng Chung-Chuan meets the world, but it also comes across as a stream-like extensive monologue that will bring about a spiritual sense of eternal belonging and infinite ease. As one of Taiwan’s senior female painters, Cheng has crossed from the 20th century to the 21st century. Spanning over a long period of time, at nearly 90 years old, she resorts to painting as a way of seeing the world, and her works of visual imageries are rendered with sincere romantic sentiments and rich interpretative creations portraying a deep exploration of her personal life experiences while reflecting the development process of Taiwan’s female artists. Today we are pleased to see her creative energy continuing to thrive and expand in an ever more splendid manner.

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