Chakra Expert Schavi Ali, Ph.d Adding to Her 2012 Lecture Schedule

Top Quote By far, Dr. Ali's favorite topic for her lecture audiences is Energy Balancing. End Quote
  • Detroit, MI (1888PressRelease) November 29, 2011 - Dr. Ali is the founder and Executive Director of the Divine Wholistic Health Association headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Her association members are experts in their own specialties of holistic medicine. "We are waiting for western medicine to accept natural chakra cures and other energy balancing techniques," said Dr. Ali.

    This atmosphere is changing, however, as a growing number of Western doctors are starting to realize that some of their patients are healing faster and more effectively when they do utilize these other methods (in spite of frequent objections by their doctors).

    Increasingly, Western doctors today are at least tolerating their patients' use of Holistic Alternative Medicine and Healing, and some are actually recommending them. Many people are now educating themselves as to the variety of healing methods that are available to them and are combining the best of both worlds.

    Energy Balancing

    People are in a constant state of flux (change). For example, life giving oxygen moves into your body as your breathe. When peolple breathe in, tiny little sacs (alveoli) in their lungs absorb the oxygen into your blood stream where it travels to, and nourishes the body. When people breathe out they release carbon dioxide (a waste product) into the environment.

    Plants use this carbon dioxide for their life process. They release oxygen as their waste product. And… the cycle continues.

    Qi, life force, vital energy, prana (whatever term you use) also flows through us and nourishes us. You have a unique energy field and pattern. When healthy and in harmony with the environment, your energy field is balanced and flows freely…
    When injured, ill, or not in harmony with the environment the energy field becomes unbalanced, blocked or depleted.

    A holistic energy healing practitioner knows how to work with this subtle energy to balance it, remove blockages, and promote its dynamic flow.

    Their training involves understanding different energy systems, quieting or centering oneself, and performing specific techniques. They learn to detect (feel, see, sense) and work with different energy expressions of the body including: Subtle energy characteristics; Meridians (special energy channels); Chakras (special energy vortexes or centers); Auras (energy fields)

    This requires quieting or centering so that the practitioner can be sensitive to the subtle characteristics of the other's energy.

    Dr. Ali lectures to university audiences and special interest groups. To schedule Dr. Ali for your seminar or workshop, she can be contacted via her website: or via her contact information below.

    The system of holistic health offers the people the opportunity of being the creators of their realistic health by understanding a balanced lifestyle and all levels of health.

    To schedule Dr. Ali for a public speaking appearance or for more information, please contact:

    Dr. Schavi M. Ali

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