CD BioSciences Releases GPCR Peptide Library Service for GPCR Research and Drug Development

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  • (1888PressRelease) August 27, 2022 - CD BioSciences, a leading customer-focused biotechnology company based in New York, has released the new GPCR Peptide Library service for GPCR research and drug development. Peptide library is a powerful tool for protein-related study, and this new service can support researchers in a variety of applications, such as drug discovery and screening, enzyme motif discovery and profiling, biomarker identification, antibody development and profiling, biological assay development, and protein structure activity studies.

    G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), the largest family of membrane proteins in the human genome, are a large and versatile group of protein sensors that respond to a diverse range of extracellular stimuli and assist in performing different functions. Classical GPCR signaling is initiated by ligands, such as endogenous peptides. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the receptor-ligand interactions and identify ligands on orphan GPCRs for the development of novel GPCR-targeted drugs.

    A peptide library refers to a large collection of different peptides, with systematic amino acid combinations. The establishment of automated solid-phase synthesis techniques and the advent of combinatorial chemistry have made it possible to synthesize large numbers of peptides in large quantities. Peptide libraries can be used for drug discovery, screening and design.

    CD BioSciences now provides multiple types of high throughput, fast turnaround and low-cost peptide libraries to meet different requirements of customers for GPCR research and drug development, including the Alanine Peptide Scanning Library to identify epitope activity and determine the contribution of each amino acid to the peptide function; the Overlapping Peptide Library used for continuous and linear epitope mapping, especially for the identification of T-cell and B-cell epitopes; the Truncation Peptide Library to predict the shortest amino acid sequence for achieving optimal epitope activity; and the T-cell Truncated Peptide Library to test all possible T-cell epitopes across a protein of interest.

    In addition, CD BioSciences has developed a variety of technical platforms, including but not limited to the phage display, mRNA display, ribosome display, bacteria display, and yeast display. CD BioSciences owns high-throughput parallel platforms to offer customized peptide libraries for different research applications, and has rigorous quality control to ensure no cross-contamination. Furthermore, the confidentiality of peptide sequences provided by customers is strictly guarded, and comprehensive QC reports will also be provided with the highest quality and stability.

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    CD BioSciences is a leading customer-focused biotechnology company founded in New York. With unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, CD BioSciences is dedicated to providing biological and chemical products and strives for solutions that can improve research outcomes and effectively elevate research success. CD BioSciences is committed to providing universities, research institutions, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of high-quality and reliable products, as well as comprehensive service packages related to GPCRs that will enable further advancement of basic science and drug development.

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