Boiron launches teething-pain homeopathic remedy Camilia(R) in UK

Top Quote From May 2013, all parents in the UK will be able to discover Camilia®, the homeopathic medication for infants suffering from teething pains that was created by Boiron Laboratories in 1994. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 26, 2013 - Since then, millions of parents across Europe, North America and North Africa have adopted Camilia®.

    Camilia® Oral Solution is a homeopathic medication that has been developed by Boiron Laboratories, the French leader in homeopathic medicine. Created in 1994, Camilia® was first distributed in Canada, then in the USA (from 1998) and, subsequently, in France (2003). Today, Camilia® is also available in Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Tunisia. From May 2013, Camilia® will be on the British market.

    Camilia® treats infant teething pains as well as the related symptoms - crotchety behaviour, swollen gums, sore bottoms, red cheeks, profuse salivation, etc. Thanks to its exclusive formula, which combines three natural substances - Chamomilla vulgaris 9c, Phytolacca decandra 5c and Rheum 5c - and purified water, Camilia® has been the remedy of choice for infants from Canada to Tunisia since it was first developed in the mid-1990s.

    Camilia® contains no artificial colouring, no preservatives, no sugars, no lactose and no ethanol. Besides, the pharmaceutical form taken by Camilia® - sterile, drinkable single doses, with a neutral taste - promotes hygiene and makes the administration of the medication to babies and other infants easy.

    In France, since its launch in 2003, Camilia® has been adopted by millions of parents: over 50% of mothers are familiar with the product and, among those who administer it to their children, 94% are satisfied with it. [This data stems from a survey with 300 mothers of children aged six to 24 months, which was conducted by survey expert Toluna in November 2010.]

    Camilia® will be available in Britain from May 2013. Camilia® can be bought over the counter (i.e. without mandatory medical prescription). Parents will be able to obtain it in pharmacies and health food stores as well as through many online-sales sites.

    Packaged in boxes of 10 single doses, Camilia® will be sold at the recommended retail price of £6.95 per box when launched. For Jérôme Delannoy, Export Director at Boiron, "The aim is that this medication should become a benchmark in Great Britain, for all parents who are searching for a solution to treat easily, and without attendant side effects, their infants' teething pains."

    Teething generally occurs in children under the age of 2 ½ years (between three and 30 months). Teething is frequently accompanied by symptoms that are disagreeable for the infant and his (or her) family and carers, such as hyper-salivation, digestive troubles (linked themselves to a modification of the intestinal acidity, or pH), behavioural problems (including irritability and disturbed sleep), and associated ENT disorders (rhino-pharyngitis, etc.).

    To understand the scale of the problem, it should be pointed out that two-thirds of children between the ages of three months and 2 ½ years are affected by these issues. The growth of the teeth and the pain associated with it will usually last for approximately eight days, in phases that can be repeated over time in infants between three and 30 months [Macknin M.L. & al, Symptoms associated with infant teething: a prospective study, Paediatrics 105, 2000: 747-752].

    About Boiron
    Boiron came into being in 1932, when Jean and Henri Boiron, the company's founders, who were scientists and entrepreneurs at heart, set up the company. In 2013, Boiron remains an independent, family-run laboratory - something of an exception in the international pharmaceutical field. Christian Boiron, son of Jean Boiron, is the company's Director-General.

    The company's independence means that Boiron remains the master of its strategic choices. Boiron makes medications that are useful to public health and available to everyone - be they health professionals or the general public.

    Today, the group is present in nearly 80 countries and continues the work of its founders, who were pioneers in the development of homeopathic medications worldwide.

    In 2012, Boiron had a turnover of £488 million and employed 3,800 staff. The company is headquartered in Lyons (south-eastern France) and has a representative in London (UK).

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