BOC Sciences Upgrades Bioconjugation Service to Help Advance Targeted Drug Delivery Research

Top Quote BOC Sciences announces to upgrade its already well-established bioconjugation service by extending the business range to biomolecule labeling, antibody conjugation, as well as other conjugation services. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) October 28, 2019 - Targeted drug delivery is by no means easy task, but luckily bioconjugation can be of great assistance. BOC Sciences announces to upgrade its already well-established bioconjugation service by extending the business range to biomolecule labeling, antibody conjugation, as well as other conjugation services like peptide or protein bioconjugation.

    Bioconjugation refers to the coupling of two molecules, one of which must be a biomolecule, whether a carbohydrate, a protein or a nucleic acid. As a burgeoning field, bioconjugation is intensively researched in the last few decades and has become a key technique in creating many important reagents that are broadly used in research and commercial applications.

    “In anti-cancer therapies, in order to lessen the side effects of drugs as much as possible, targeted drug delivery technology is often viewed as an important tool, owing to its ability of delivering active constituents of a medication into the specific area of discomfort within the body. Bioconjugation is one of the techniques, which allows site-specific creation of a covalent link between a biomolecule and an exogenous moiety, making it possible for the cancer medicine to have better solubility, lower toxicity, and prolonged release,” says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Chief of BOC Sciences. “To better meet the diversifying needs of our clients across the globe, we now offer three major categories of bioconjugation, that is, biomolecule labeling, antibody conjugation and additional conjugation.”

    Biomolecule Labeling
    Biomolecule labeling is to conjugate a chemical group, which could be fluorescent, biotin, haptens, nanoparticles, with target molecules, which could be proteins or nucleic acids. The importance of this technique lies in its ability to elucidate complicated biological processes or help construct various small-molecule probes to explore complex biological systems. At BOC Sciences, biotin labeling, fluorescent labeling, enzyme labeling as well as other biomolecule labeling services are available. The labeled biomolecules are widely applied as signaling molecules, tools in molecular biology, and drugs in medicine.

    Antibody Conjugation
    Antibodies are the first choice in targeted drug delivery and immunoassay. Antibody bioconjugation refers to the chemical conjugation of a monoclonal antibody or polyclonal antibody with other biomolecules. The antibody bioconjugation service at BOC Sciences encompasses: antibody-enzyme conjugate, antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), antibody-polymer conjugates (APCs), antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation and antibody fluorescent dye labeling.

    Additional Conjugation Services
    The results of biomolecule labeling and antibody conjugation are not always completely satisfactory. Considering this, some novel conjugation services are introduced, covering: peptide bioconjugation, protein bioconjugation, enzyme bioconjugation, liposome bioconjugation, nano to macro particles bioconjugation, PEGylation, nanoparticle conjugation, gold nanoparticle conjugation, and more.

    “The last few decades has witnessed unprecedented endeavors made in the development of nanomaterials, such as nanotubes, nanorods, quantum dots, and other variants. Composed of metals, semiconductors, carbon, natural and synthetic polymers and lipids, these nanomaterials can be used in effective therapeutic drug delivery as vehicles. That’s why we add those novel conjugation services, which we believe are exactly what our clients are in demand of,” Mr. Jones continues to add.

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