BOC Sciences Provides PseudoUridines for Vaccine R&D

Top Quote BOC Sciences announces to provide pseudoUridine products for RNA modification. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) December 25, 2021 - BOC Sciences, a vaccine raw material supplier headquartered in New York, announces providing pseudoUridine products for RNA modification to further promote the research and development of vaccines. According to BOC Sciences' latest report, its annual production of pseudoUridine (key raw material of vaccines) has ranked first in the world.

    Massive studies have shown that chemical modification of RNA would affect gene expression in RNA with DNA coding, assuming the actual gene sequence remains unchanged. Insertion, deletion, and base substitution of nucleotides in RNA molecules are examples of RNA modification. Many natural RNAs undergo post-transcriptional alterations, bringing dramatic changes to RNA structure, function, and metabolism. BOC Sciences offers a wide selection of products especially the well-known pseudoUridines so as to facilitate RNA modification. Thus far, it has developed multitudinous pseudoUridine products and their derivatives including phosphate pseudoUridine, phosphoramidite pseudoUridine, and isotope-labeled pseudoUridine.

    The human body's immune response to mRNA vaccines is mainly related to uridine (partially composed of uracil). Therefore, BOC Sciences has been contributing to producing various pseudoUridines in place of uridines to synthesize mRNA, which could limit the activation of the host cell's innate immune system by exogenous nucleic acid and the immune system's ability to recognize mRNA. Pseudouracil modification is extensively used in the production of mRNA drugs or vaccines. The well-known manufacturers of mRNA vaccines, Moderna and BioNTech, both employ pseudoUridine from BOC Sciences to maintain the stability of their mRNA products.

    Given the broad demand for pseudoUridine products, particularly when mankind is plagued by COVID-19, BOC Sciences has invested large amounts of resources in expanding its production capacity and upgrading the technology. Thus far, its yearly output of pseudoUridines has been reported over 500 kg, signaling the sufficient raw material supply for mRNA vaccine production.

    Nowadays, the universal application of pseudoUridines in mRNA modification is still confronted with challenges owing to the difficulties in exploring modification sites. Although some breakthroughs like the ψ-seq technology have been made, BOC Sciences and other researchers are striving for more advanced detection technologies.

    About BOC Sciences
    BOC Sciences has been involved in the fields of drug development and life sciences for more than ten years, offering researchers a diverse array of chemical substances, such as inhibitors, metabolites, impurities, and natural compounds. Its research team has been working hard to develop strategies and solutions to assist in the pressing issues of drug development. Thanks to its tireless efforts, BOC Sciences is presently the largest provider of pseudoUridine in the world.

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