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Top Quote BitNautic (BTNT) is a decentralized marketplace/ platform for commodities, where end-consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers/producers of goods can trade their products with more ease using the Blockchain technology. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 10, 2018 - The world is becoming accessible because of the advancement in technology. This phenomenon also applies to the shipping and cargo industry. The goods and commodities still need to travel the same distance as before to reach the consumer.

    BitNautic ( is a decentralized marketplace/ platform for commodities, where end-consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers/producers of goods can trade their products with more ease using the Blockchain technology. The goal of the decentralized platform, according to the official website, is “to help everyone, from end-consumers to the ship owners, Shipping companies to the Agents/brokers, small or large courier companies, manufacturers, producers (farmers), the traders, and the investors around the world to facilitate their ventures and ease the trading practices by connecting all the continents to one unique platform.”

    BitNautic aims to enhance the trade of commodities as well as promote agricultural investments, thus, leading to help the small farmers of West Africa. Given the high demand in the region, they targeted West Africa as the potential hub for investment opportunities and business growth. At the same time, they wish to make consumers’ lives simple by offering features that are easy to understand and use the decentralized marketplace platform.


    Lack of information prevails between importers and exporters regarding the type and the cost of ships and transport fees. The challenges faced by shipping industry are many. Some of the major problems are listed below:

    Security Threats ! The high number of incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships, off the Somali coast and in the Gulf of Aden is something that the whole world is aware of, and is a growing concern for the maritime industry that is heavily affected by these incidents.

    Poor Tracking ! For end-consumers, the regularity and security of freighting status updates is the initial factor in the perceived quality of a shipping happening. If a package is slow or late but has regular updates, customers are less likely to complain or file a chargeback against merchants. Tracking problems lead to confusion among carriers, failed handoffs, failed deliveries, and even lost shipments. Economically, this is a disaster.

    Environmental Regulations ! Maritime transport emits around 1000m tones of CO2 annually and is responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are predicted to increase up to 250% by 2050 in absence of installation of newer energy-saving technologies.

    Labor disputes and job cuts ! Labor disputes and strikes have disrupted the shipping industry and created huge gaps in profitability and product rollouts.

    Lack of Transparency ! Bad tracking is both the cause and caused-by equally harmful gaps in transparency. While tracking issues are systematic and inherent to the task of moving goods, the failures of transparency are largely due to bad data handling practices. Often due to fragmentation, uncertainty, or to protect the exclusivity of their arrangements, brokers can’t or won’t tell a shipper exactly what carrier and driver are carrying their freight.

    The challenges facing the shipping industry are many. But it’s not as if the shipping industry cannot be recovered. By adopting the BitNautic

    decentralized platform for shipping and cargo, the clouds of uncertainties over the shipping industry can be driven away.

    Overcoming the challenges:

    BitNautic facilitates an open market and free trade, increased international cooperation, government support, public-private partnerships within the industry, knowledge sharing and bridging the gap between regulators and shipping industry. Via BitNautic, all concerned parties such as Transport, Ship, Cargo Owner and Agent will come on the same page and negotiate their own terms, therefore, avoiding the long chains that arise where multiple parties are involved. All of this will happen with the power of Blockchain. Also, with the virtue of E-commerce platform, the imported goods can be traded along with the local goods available. The platform will also provide special features including QR code, GPS based suggestions, deals and discount alerts.

    BitNautic- A decentralized platform

    BitNautic, found online at, aims to provide a better fortune and golden opportunity to consumers, traders, brokers/agents, ship owners and the overall industry. BitNautic is resolute to encourage an open market and free trade, increase international cooperation, public-private partnerships within the industry, knowledge sharing and bridging the gaps between government regulators and the shipping industry.

    Initial Coin Offerings from Bitnautic

    35 million tokens will be released for crowd sale by BitNautic via Initial Coin Offerings. The ICO token BTNT catering to BitNautic will be an ERc20 token which will act as a mediator to help you be a part of the project. Furthermore, the funds raised via ICO and pre-ICO will be used for various purposes like development of the platform, in-house trading

    business, and to purchase ships to be used for the transportations of goods in containers as well as bulk products such as agricultural goods (sugar, corn, rice etc.), minerals and construction materials. 15th March 2018 is the date for pre-sale and ends on 15th June 2018. BitNautic also aims to offer a bonus program; the PRE-ICO SALE 2018–03–15 to 2018–03–30 has a Bonus of 30%, the main ICO Start on 2018–04–15 and ends on 2018–06–15 for a period of 8 weeks. (1st Week Bonus = 20%, 2nd Week = 15%, 3rd week= 10%, 4th week = 5% and the rest of the 4 weeks has no bonus).

    ICO Stage Start Date End Date Bonus
    Pre ICO 15th March 30th March 30%
    2018 2018

    Main ICO 15th April 2018 15th June 2018
    1st Week 20%
    2nd Week 15%
    3rd Week 10%
    4th Week 5%
    Rest 4 weeks 0%

    Highlights of BitNautic:

    Smart Transportation System ! BitNautic will have a fleet of ships, owned by Bitnautic or listed by the ship-owners/ shipping companies on the platform. These ships will mainly cater to the transportation needs of the in-house trading arm of the business. The ship owners can use the platform to make their ships’ opening positions known to charters. BitNautic will use funds raised through the ICO for buying ships capable of carrying the cargos for the in-house trading business in near future.

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Booking System !The user can see the ships available to carry their cargo based on their current location

    cross-matched with the destination of the cargo. The best matched lowest prices will be given to the user from which they will have the option to choose from multiple packages from different service providers based on specifications- weight, time frame, destination, address, source address. Booking a broker agent for all shipping chores can be executed using the BitNautic booking system.

    Transparent & Trutless Brokerage System! A real-time ship brokerage system for ship owners, broker agents, and the courier companies; all possible with the BitNautic platform. The brokerage system of BitNautic will give ship-owners an opportunity to offer the ships which they can avail to get going on the job.

    Ship & Cargo Tracking System!BitNautic also deploys an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based state of art ship and cargo tracking system for its users. This feature is specifically designed for ship owners and consumers for booking a cargo, viewing the status and position of the ships in real time. The same tracking facility would be extended to cargo owners as well to see their cargo location in real-time.

    E-commerce Platform ! Here various users can come together and have trade deals. The payment system of this platform is fast, simple and secure which uses global digital currency removing all the barriers and difficulties associated with fiat currency.

    Shipping and cargo marketplace (SCM) ! The main goal is to facilitate existing shippers, cargo companies, brokers, and traders to use the BitNautic platform and the payment system easily to market their shipments in the global market. The platform would bring everybody associated on the same table where high market demand can easily be translated into the excess supply.

    Mobile Application ! The BitNautic mobile application would allow booking and tracking features along with detailed reports for all activities by the user. The mobile application would provide real-time detailed reports that would help customers get a better insight which in turn would help in sketching a better picture of the cargo status, resulting in improved customer service.

    Exclusive deals and discounts ! Based on the behavior of the users, the

    BitNautic platform offers deals which we believe will prove as an important milestone. Special deals would be arranged for retaining customers and meeting all their expectations as an uphill task in each and every market globally.

    AI based Business Insights ! The platform offers demand and supply statistics of goods and commodities among various global markets. This comes as an opportunity for the traders, investors and manufacturers to make profitable choices on the basis of business insights provided by the AI systems.

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