Bevans Branham Releases New Website Promoting His Involvement in Discovering the Legendary San Jose Treasure Ship

Top Quote Bevans Branham was one of the venture capitalists involved in funding the discovery of the legendary San Jose treasure ship. The San Jose, often called the "holy grail" of treasure ships, is estimated to be worth around $20 billion today- but the historical value of the ship is much greater than this number. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) December 20, 2012 - Bevans Branham, and his wife Lorie Branham, are the principal members of The Branham Companies. They have been involved in helping find the legendary San Jose treasure ship, and have recently published a website ( which promotes their involvement in the discovery of the treasure ship as well as other information pertaining to the find.

    Bevans Branham has served as a force with the venture capital team assembled for the search and discovery of the legendary San Jose treasure ship. The San Jose is often referred to as the "holy grail" of treasure salvage ships. This venture capital process combined leading-edge research, science, technology and finance with entrepreneurial excellence in this great breakthrough find for all time of extreme cultural, technological and economic significance. The find is valued today at around $20 billion. The antique value of the gold coins and gem quality emeralds on the San Jose though, brings the actual value much higher.

    Bevans Branham's work to help find the San Jose treasure ship is important not only because of its value, but also for the historical significance of the ship. The San Jose sank on June 8th, 1708 on its way back to the country of Spain to help fund the Spanish government, which was at the time involved in the Spanish Succession.

    The morning that the ship sank, English Commodore, Charles Wager, spotted the ship and engaged it in battle. The San Jose sank quickly before it could be boarded 16 miles off of the coast of present-day Colombia. The San Jose contained an estimated 11 million pesos (the equivalent of 344 tons of gold and silver) and 116 steel chests of gem quality emeralds. It currently lies 800 feet below the surface of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is now believed, based on other discoveries, that there is a missing shipment of 10 million gold coins aboard as well. Commodore Wager was actually later relieved of duty for having failed to successfully board the San Jose and secure its enormous treasure.

    The story of The San Jose is clearly legendary, as is Bevans Branham's involvement as a venture capitalist. However, the story of the San Jose, the effort of the team involved in finding it, and the legal battle with the Colombian government only deepen the rich history and legend of the treasure ship, coming together to tell a complex, beautiful and multi-layered story for the ages, the "holy grail" of treasure salvage ships. The San Jose is a timeless and timely story with many messages of both historical and contemporary relevance. Certainly, that's what MGMand Michael Landon, both original investors, were seeing when they acquired the rights to the story years ago.

    Today, with the multiple bankruptcies of MGM and conflicts with the estate of Michael Landon, the rights became available again and are being secured by The Branham Companies (BCO), in association with BlGlobal, LLC (BlG). They are now moving forward with the screenplay and formation of a strategic production alliance with a distinguished group on the development of a multi-billion dollar motion picture & entertainment franchise.

    For more information on Bevans Branham and his involvement in the San Jose treasure ship please see Bevans' website

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