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  • Bevans Branham and his wife Lorie Branham are the principals of The Branham Companies. They have gained recognition for excellence as promoters, producers and developers of award winning advertising campaigns, public relations programs, nationally recognized restaurants/clubs and %u201Chome run%u201D venture capital projects. Lorie and Bevans Branham have been successfully creating and establishing a unique group of businesses celebrated for success %u2013 critically, financially and culturally.
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  • Bevans Branham Releases New Website Promoting His Involvement in Discovering the Legendary San Jose Treasure Ship
  • Bevans Branham was one of the venture capitalists involved in funding the discovery of the legendary San Jose treasure ship. The San Jose, often called the "holy grail" of treasure ships, is estimated to be worth around $20 billion today- but the historical value of the ship is much greater than this number.
  • Bevans Branham, and his wife Lorie Branham, are the principal members of The Branham Companies. They have been involved in helping find the legendary ...
  • December 20, 2012