Radon Mitigation Atlanta 404-522-9708 - Hotline for GA Radon Remediation, Abatement, Testing and Radon Reduction for Atlanta Georgia Residents

Top Quote Radon Mitigation Atlanta is now offering home and business owners a number of ways to ensure their safety. Radon is a radioactive element that is extremely toxic. It is a colorless, odorless gas that is derived from the decay of radium. Radon Mitigation Atlanta GA can test properties for the presence of the toxic gas. For FREE information about radon gas, call 1-800-NO-RADON or (404) 522-9708. End Quote
    Quote (440) 522-9708 is the number to call for Atlanta GA Radon Mitigation Quote
  • Atlanta, GA (1888PressRelease) July 08, 2012 - Radon Gas is a Major Problem in the Greater Atlanta GA Area:

    Radon is earth-borne gas that develops from the decay of soil uranium so it gets drawn into many homes and businesses. Radon is found around the entire country, and it can enter any type of building. Increased indoor radon levels are responsible for thousands of deaths each year, and Radon Mitigation Atlanta can test for the problem and eliminate it. For a FREE radon mitigation assessment, call 404-522-9708.

    Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia Tests for Radon:

    Because the gas is odorless and colorless, testing is essential. Radon Mitigation Atlanta has the tools and manpower to test homes, commercial properties and office buildings for unsafe levels in the indoor air. Radon gets trapped in the lungs during the breathing process. As radon continues to break down, the particles release tiny bursts of energy. These bursts damage lung tissue and lead to lung cancer. Radon Mitigation Atlanta GA can test for radon in a home or commercial building and ensure levels are within safe ranges. The new hotline to receive a FREE, no-obligation radon remediation estimate is (404) 522-9708.

    Radon Mitigation Atlanta Removes the Problem: | Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia can eliminate the health threats that are associated with high levels of indoor radon. Because high radon levels are associated with lung cancer, Radon Mitigation Atlanta offers a number of ways to remove the problem. Several proven methods exist to remove radon from a building, and Radon Mitigation Atlanta GA can ensure safe levels. Installing a vent pipe and fan system is one way to reduce levels. Because radon comes from the ground, it is essential to move the air outside of the home. Radon Mitigation Atlanta can install vent systems. In addition, Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia seals foundations to prevent the gas from entering a building. For more information, call 404-522-9708.

    Radon Mitigation Atlanta Offers the Right Treatment:

    Radon Mitigation Atlanta GA has years of experience in the industry. The team has seen numerous homes and commercial properties that have high levels. Designing a system to lower extreme levels is one of the jobs that Radon Mitigation Atlanta does on a daily basis. Installing a monitor is essential in most properties. The monitor keeps track of radon levels, and Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia can regularly check the system. Homes should be thoroughly tested every two years. This ensures that the gas does not reach unhealthy levels and keeps occupants safe. To find out more about reducing your family's exposure to this toxic gas, call (404) 522-9708.

    Atlanta Radon Mitigation is committed to the health of its residential and commercial clients. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is derived from the breakdown of radioactive material. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, radon is responsible for nearly 21,000 deaths each year. These deaths are completely preventable. Radon Mitigation Atlanta GA can perform tests to ensure homes and commercial buildings are safe. If the tests show abnormally high levels of indoor radon, Radon Mitigation Atlanta can design a custom system to remove the gas. For a FREE, no-obligation price quote, call them today at 404-522-9708.

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