Anti Radon Company Continues to Expand and now has services in States with a Radon infestation

Top Quote The elimination of Radon from the lower areas of buildings and crawl spaces is easy but should be done to eliminate the danger of radiation exposure. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 04, 2013 - Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation company SWAT Environmental in a recent list of growing companies. SWAT Radon Removal is a company that operates in the environmental niche and was featured as one of the companies that has responded to an apparent need in the market. Radon is an undetectable gas without any smell or color that may accumulate in deep places where there is no air movement or are poorly ventilated.

    Radon is radioactive gas which can cause severe health hazards including Lung cancer if one is exposed over a long period. Much of the United State has granite as it bedrock. Uranium is one of the elements found in Granite and it breaks down steadily emitting Radon which continues to breakdown. The normal isotope is Radon 226 which is fairly stable and innocuous but Radon226 does emit Radon222 which is the dangerous isotope. Radon222 is very volatile and within 4 days it's radiation levels are already reducing but in that time it is dangerous and unless continually eliminated is dangerous to the long term health of anyone breathing it in.

    If one is constructing a new building it is very easy to build in Radon elimination features. If effectively installed no radon build up will occur and any exposure will be extremely limited and harmless. If you are about to shift into a different residence you should place a radon testing kit in the lowest part of the living space of the house for at least 2 days or for the period recommended on the kit. It should then be sent to one of the laboratories listed and the results will be returned to you very soon.

    The danger level is more than four parts per 100litres and if that reading occurs it is one should schedule an appointment with SWAT Environmental to install a system to cut down on the radon in that building. By allowing fresh air into your basement and areas under the floor may be good enough to eliminate most of the danger.

    Furthermore you are advised not to try and attempt to eliminate the dangers without using professional expertise. Long term exposure to radiation can prove lethal with lung cancers and other related illnesses associated with radioactive contamination.

    Schools, government buildings, apartment blocks, offices and shopping malls all need checking and, if required, attention. Radon seeps in quietly through cracks in the walls and floor, through the cavities in the walls, And from the ground up. They have well trained expert teams who will install Radon Removal Kits when appointed.

    They have offices in states with the worst levels of Radon emanation. They also offer some franchise opportunities to cover more areas in the United States. Be part of a future that is growing and only can improve as the company strives to remove this health hazard from harming our citizens. For More Information Please Visit :

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