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  • (1888PressRelease) June 10, 2017 - Abhimanyu Sable has been instrumental in making fitness more glamorous and fun. He completes twenty six years training and motivating people to live a healthy and happy life.

    We chat with the ABS fitness Founder who is also Founder President of UHFF (India’s first association of fitness clubs owners) on his journey from a trainer himself to employing 500 fitness professionals and training 60000 members through his twenty five clubs.
    It's a dream of every fitness trainer to emulate him.

    Q. Tell us how you started.
    A. I started working as a fitness trainer and worked for almost fifteen years. Got myself certified in 1997. And that was the breaking point. Because I believe education is the foundation for success combined with passion.

    Q. What motivated you to start ABS.
    A. Every professionals dream is to start his own brand. ABS was my dream. But had no money to start a business. With assistance from my work collages and business associates I was blessed to start with ABS.
    In the beginning I was just 5% owner of the club. With Gods grace and good wishes today own 100% of ABS.

    Q. How did you manage to grow ABS from one location to 25 locations spread across 15 cities.
    A. There is lot of difference in Managing one location and multiple locations. With one location you can be present and look into small things personally. But with multiple locations you need to have systems and processes in place. Also you need to have management skills to delegate people and empower people to manage each location. At ABS we have been blessed with amazing people working who are passionate and hungry for growth.
    All our flagship clubs are exceptional models for our business partners to come and experience and that's what has helped us to grow.

    Q. How is ABS different?
    A. Every business strives to be different from others.
    We are very sensitive to our members needs. Every members needs are discussed. Each members suggestions are taken very promptly and implemented. We are into people's business. Our members come to our clubs because they love the warmth and care which each ABS Staff possess. They know that the only business we do is fitness and taking care of their health.

    Q. You have developed India’s most advanced and largest fitness club tell us more about it.
    A. ABS at Nanded city. Is India’s largest and Most Advanced fitness club. It's so large that it has a 200mtr synthetic jogging track inside the club. We are blessed that Nanded city chose us to develop this club for them and within one year we have record number of members using the club.

    Q. What do you have to say about studios sprouting in every book and corner?
    A. As long as they are promoting health and fitness and getting more people engaged in physical activity its fine.
    Many trends and concepts go and come. And they are required. But traditional way of workout like jogging, cycling, swimming, Weight training will always be the foundation of any fitness program.

    Q. What are your challenges?
    A. Our biggest challenge is that our prices are stagnant and our expenses are grown ten folds. Our rent. Our electrify bills. Our capital investments. And our salaries all have increased. But membership prices are stagnant. People have a mindset to spend towards fitness club. For them it's an expense. They don't mind going to a restaurant and spend thousands, they don't mind spending thousands on their vacations. They don't mind spending thousands on buying luxury products, but when it comes to their own health and fitness just Rs 2000 per month is too much. We have been educating people that spending on health and fitness is not an expense it's the best investment one can make.

    Q. How do you source your staff?
    A. We have an In-house training academy AFA (ABS Fitness Academy) we certify almost 100 students each year. And we directly give them employment at ABS.

    Q. What is your greatest achievement in last twenty six years and what's your dream.
    A. I feel my greatest achievement is to give employment to 500 people through ABS.
    Every member when he exercises at ABS he goes back home or at work with a positive mind. And a positive mind is happy and productive. I am happy we are playing a role in creating a happy and productive society.

    My goal is to provide employment to 1000 fitness professionals in next few years and we are on right track.
    Q. Give our readers some fitness and health tips.
    A. We have only one life and one body. Spend time on this body. Make maximum out of it. It's not about weight loss or looking good that anyway will happen with exercise.
    But exercise can make you feel amazing. The feeling of wellbeing after an exercise session is way beyond than any other materials you possess.

    Buying a luxury bag can give you satisfaction only for few hours. Most times it's in the Wardrobe.

    Buying a luxury car and your back is in pain is a useless buy. And the same car is used to take you to a hospital or a clinic.
    Invest at least few minutes on your own health. Keep moving. Keep yourself active. Play a sport.

    Because your body is the only guaranteed thing going to stay with you till your last breath. All materials will come and fade.

    Let your health be your topmost priority.

    founder ( @ ) absfitness dot in
    ABSolutely Alive.

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