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  • Ekaterina Pechikina
  • Kingfisher House, 11 Hoffmanns Way, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1GU, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 74991101246
  • URL:
    Content Protection and Licensing Platform
    Multi-level distribution system with flexible licensing Detailed traceability per content item
    Static and interactive content available
    both online and offline

    Aggregion offers expertise and technology for rights holders to create and develop efficient digital content distribution channels allowing simultaneous per-copy licensing and tracking of each content copy/license

    Our solution is a cloud-based platform designed to manage and control digital distribution channels and sales
Aggregion Press Release -

  • Partner Voices: Aggregion Sets Out to Revolutionize the Digital Distribution Market
  • Aggregion has partnered with Book Business to demonstrate how publishers can effectively protect, license and track content across multiple distribution channels and devices. Aggregion, a cloud-based multilingual platform, allows publishers to manage content distribution networks and enables rights holders to track content as it moves down the distribution pipeline.
  • January 30, 2016