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  • The Certification Program%u2122 provided by The Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology is an educational, webinar-based program which focuses on functional medicine testing and treatment strategies as it relates to all healthcare disorders with a special focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric and psychological disorders. The program is offered to healthcare practitioners and health coaches. The primary course objective will be to establish a new way of thinking about medical and psychiatric disorders. (i.e., %u201CIf you don%u2019t test, you%u2019ve guessed%u201D)
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  • New Clinically-Focused Program Launched by Academy of Functional Medicine & Genomics
  • The Academy of Functional Medicine & Genomics, one of the top on-line training organizations, is now offering a "Clinically-Focused" course requiring students to present more extensive case studies.
  • According to Dr. C. E. Gant, Chairman of The Academy of Functional Medicine & Genomics, most functional medicine teaching approaches take a bottom up ...
  • July 22, 2013
  • Functional Medicine Roundtable Launches
  • The Academy of Functional Medicine is launching a new service that is being introduced as the 'Roundtable'. This series is dedicated to those practitioners who may or may not have formal training on Functional Medicine, but still desire help on their most complex cases. Specifically, the series is broken down into weekly one-hour sessions.
  • The Academy of Functional Medicine, Dentistry & Psychology, LLC, will be introducing a new line-up of educational services beginning this fall. This ...
  • August 26, 2011