Abacus Solar renewable energy to support green & clean energy growth

Top Quote Solar energy is a leading renewable source of energy that has the potential to defeat worldwide significant pollution challenges. However, there are countless reasons for encouraging the solar energy market share. For instance, this source of power day by day is grabbing popularity as it is flexible with many benefits for humans as well as for the environment. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 20, 2020 - Solar is a safe alternative that can replace current fossil fuels like gas and coal for the generation of electricity that trims down air, water, and land pollution. Solar energy is the energy produced by the sun for electricity generation or heat production, which is also said as the photovoltaic process.

    The so-called photovoltaic effect transforms the sun's solar cells effectively into energy, allowing such materials to absorb photons (light particles) and release electrons, producing an electric current. It is one of the best renewable energy sources with only a one-time investment.
    Therefore, Abacus Solar is promoting solar power use because this source of energy includes manifolds of benefits. Such as;
    • Cut-down electricity bill- The main reason that most families turn their resources into solar is that you can save a significant amount of reduction in your electricity bill by switching to solar energy.

    • Environment-friendly- Pollution around the globe is growing. Each effort to reduce environmental pollution motivates to save the planet. Solar panels absorb the sun's energy to transform it into electricity. The solar panels use is therefore environmental friendly. So the most significant energy source in the future–starting today–will be solar power that is harmless to the climate.

    • A better renewable energy source- Electricity is usually generated from fossil fuels, that on one time extinguishes and again new electricity production begins. So, solar energy is a perfect alternative to substitute fossil fuel and can be hold as the primary source of energy, since solar electricity is sustainable and only a one-time investment that provides lifelong energy.

    • Low / no maintenance needed- Once the solar system has been mounted, without much efforts, it can last 20-30 years. Only testing the system once in a year is required to ensure that everything is working that enables maintenance costs to be meager on it.

    • Earn a great return on your investment- Solar panels aren't expenses, but spending on them is an investment that makes it best as compared to traditional energy sources. For a reason, as you can gain a significant amount of ROI by installing a solar system.

    Why Abacus Solar?
    Solar power is the solution to future that provides clean energy. Every day, the sun provides an ample of energy that powers everything on this earth. That's why we're greatly investing in solar plants and offering great solar systems to our customers. While in use, our solar panels create completely zero emissions or waste.

    Unlike usual fossil fuel plants for power generation, our solar panels produce renewable, clean energy by using that source (solar systems) that never require combustion, excavation, locating, or transportation. Indeed it's a cheaper, simpler, cleaner, and all-around improved energy solution. And as said above, it is a one-time investment that may provide a high return on investment.

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