A Cool New Potential Comic Series called: Crimson Hunter: Portal to Hibanoki Volume 1. Crowdfunding

Top Quote This comic is written by a Korean American who loves both the Marvel and DC Comics universes; and Dragonball and Naruto Universes. The style of this series will be a mixture of comic and manga styles. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 29, 2017 - This series is about a depressed and angry 27 year old man named Anderson Davis, who has done some insanely terrible things in the past.


    Anderson Davis has been living in Los Cielos California, barely making enough money to pay his rent and bills. He is unable to find any jobs that will hire him. Even worst his mother calls him informing him that his father has some blockage in a blood vessel in his heart. It can be cleared but unfortunately the cost is a bit too much for them. This makes Anderson hate himself even more. He is unable to help his father and he is barely able to take care of himself. Then suddenly there is a knock at the door. Anderson opens his apartment door to see a box with no senderís information. He opens the box and discovers a game. Not just an ordinary game but a date simulation game called Portal to Hibanoki.

    Anderson gets angry and sees it as a prank from his good friend and tosses the game to the side to continue his job hunting. When his job hunting becomes a failure the rough Anderson remembers the game he received in the mail and decides he should try and sell it. To his surprise on the internet, he is unable to find any results about the game. In his curiosity he tries to play the game. Suddenly he is engulfed in a bright white light and passes out. He awakens in a wet dark cave with an underground lake. Anderson looks into the water of the lake and realizes has gotten younger and is now 18 years old.

    Anderson is now part of a whole new world filled with mysteries and magic. What adventure awaits Anderson? Will he be able to atone for his sins somehow? Or will Anderson get lost in the darkness?


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