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  • TE Connectivity's Blood Pressure Monitoring with Sensors
  • TE Connectivity's (TE) 1620 and 1630 series pressure sensors are a fully piezo-resistive silicon pressure sensor for use in invasive blood pressure monitoring. The sensor is designed to be used with automated assembly equipment and can be dropped directly into a customer's disposable blood pressure housing. A plastic cap is attached to the ceramic substrate to provide an easy method of attachment.
  • By Heilind Asia Pacific - August 01, 2018
  • TE Connectivity's Medical Sensor Technologies
  • TE Connectivity (TE) is now applying sensors and medical expertise today to help inspire how you design with their technologies for a healthier tomorrow. While Dr. Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin has been historically attributed to luck, the vast majority of medical innovation comes at the hands of countless hours of research, data analysis, and testing. The combination of researchers.
  • By Heilind Asia Pacific - August 01, 2018
  • sparkle★minds announce partnership with Studio LegalePandolfini
  • India Headquartered International Franchise Consulting Firm, sparkle★minds, announces another international strategic partnership with Italy based, Studio LegalePandolfini. This partnership will help sparkle★minds and Studio LegalePandolfini to service their domestic clients with International franchise expansion into their respective countries.
  • By Sparkleminds - July 28, 2018