December 06, 2019 Latest News

  • Our 25-year journey from Page-Maker to Story-line
  • In 1994, ‘DTP LABS’ started with 2 operators working on our maiden project in Page-Maker. Currently we provide premium Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Engineering and E-Learning services to localization companies and translation agencies worldwide.
  • By Dtp Labs
  • Rozum Robotics introduces a new project: Rozum Cafe
  • Robot waitresses in restaurants are a big modern trend. Be among the first owners of robo-cafes with the help of Rozum Robotics – a start-up company producer of robot-barista which operats in the USA and Europe. Rozum Café – A project of Rozum Robotics.
  • By Rozum Robotics
  • Names SeeResponse a Global Leader
  • According to Forbes, email marketing remains one of the best ways to generate leads. When this “tried-and-true-method” is effective at converting your customers, it’s time you jumped on that wagon. And here at SeeResponse, we love to help.
  • By Seeresponse