December 03, 2008 Latest News

  • Suzibella Cheers Oprah's Favorite Things: Treasure Keepsake Boxes
  • This year, Oprah's Favorite Things selections were very different than in past years, but will provide even more "wow" factor to the recipient as they come from the most cherished place on earth--the giver's heart. Suzibella's Keepsake Boxes are gifts-from-the-heart as they are made to hold the most valuable items you own--your baby's precious mementos.
  • By Suzanne Longacre 
  • Real Estate Brokers and Financial Professionals get Devastating News
  • A massive shift is currently underway in the Real Estate industry that has NEVER been seen before and is severely affecting thousands of Real Estate Brokers and Agents, yet most do not fully understand the seriousness of it...yet. In fact, experts are now calling this "unprecedented disruption" that is going to change the entire landscape of this industry for the worse.
  • By Probizmodel
  • IAPAM Launches Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop
  • The IAPAM has developed a groundbreaking new workshop for physicians making an entry into the Aesthetic Medicine arena. The Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop provides participants with all the tools needed, including a customized business plan and complementary CD and print materials, to support the profitable addition of aesthetic medicine into their medical practice.
  • By Iapam