December 01, 2023 Latest News

  • Local Dry Cleaning Business Partners With Fashion Designers To Preserve Couture Creations
  • In the world of high fashion, where clothes are made by hand with beautiful materials and complex designs, it is important to preserve these fragile creations. To meet this need a local dry cleaner has aligned itself with fashion designers to offer couture care and preservation services. The collaboration brings together the knowledge of both sides that ensures that couture garments are best taken care of.
  • By Az Dry Cleaner
  • eBook, Mass Casualty Incidents: How Enhanced Communication Saves Lives
  • Key highlights of the eBook include insights into the challenges faced by healthcare teams during MCIs, the diverse communication needs of involved parties, and the advantages of a unified communication platform for streamlined coordination. General Devices showcases its cutting-edge e-Bridge Communication Platform and D-Scribe X, illustrating how these tools can empower healthcare providers.
  • By Gd