November 21, 2020 Latest News

  • OpenPath Partners with PAAY to Bring 3DS to Merchants
  • OpenPath is excited to announce the launch of a partnership with PAAY, a leading consumer authentication service that is simple, secure and seamless to implement. PAAY’s EMV 3DS solutions authenticate consumers at the point of interaction on the web. Benefits include: a chargeback liability shift, increase in authorizations, and PSD2/SCA compliance.
  • By Openpath
  • New Functional Beverage to Launch in December 2020
  • A hydration drink that hydrates without excess sugar, IVUSION is scientifically formulated with electrolytes, vitamins, and essential minerals. IVUSION is designed as a recovery solution for hangovers, heat exhaustion and exercise, it says. Packaged in 12-ounce cans, IVUSION has a suggested retail price of $3.99 per can and $15.96 for a four-pack. IVUSION Beverage Co. LLC, Orange County, Calif.
  • By Ivusion Beverage Company
  • Million Dollar Newsletter Launching 11-22-2020
  • The Daily Strive will launch the first newsletter on 11-22-2020 that will help transform and make a huge difference in people’s lives. This company will soon be one of the largest newsletters on the block that gives tips and inspiration on decreasing depression. Follow the FREE newsletter now
  • By The Daily Strive
  • Digital Output Selects Tekra, LLC in Top 50 Companies of 2021 List
  • Tekra, LLC has been selected to Digital Output Magazine’s Top 50 companies of 2021 list. Tekra has served the digital marketplace with plastic films for HP Indigo, toner-based, solvent inkjet, UV Inkjet, and Latex Inkjet printers. During 2020, while continuing to serve the digital market, Tekra pivoted a part of its business to provide a variety of plastic films for face shields.
  • By Tekra Corporation