November 07, 2008 Latest News

  • New Western Version of Popular Banana Diet Released
  • With the release of "The Banana Diet”, the western world is about to get their hands on a diet that has already become huge in Japan and other nations. In fact, this easy to follow diet has become so popular in other countries that some, such as Japan, are having a hard time even keeping bananas on the shelf. Now "The New Banana Diet - Western Version" brings this to the United States.
  • By Schoolfund Solutions
  • A Rich Plug-in to Play Jamaican Holiday
  • Jamaica Explorations, a Jamaican portal run by a co-operative of local hotels and guesthouses launches its new excursion & holiday package portal aimed at the independent traveller to the Caribbean. At launch the site showcases a group of small Jamaican hoteliers who have already successfully challenged the traditional perception of a 2-week holiday to the island.
  • By Jamaica Explorations