October 11, 2019 Latest News

  • TugBiz releases its new automated CRM software
  • TugBiz CRM is a technology for managing all your company’s interactions with potential customers.It manage & synchronize all customer-related data efficiently,easy to access,provide multichannel support,valuable analytics for decision making and customizable,follow up tracking,reminders/alerts in one platform which helps to coordinate to entire operations through a single platform.
  • By Tugbiz Consultancy Pvt.ltd.
  • SquirrelSave launches investment account for the young
  • As part of SquirrelSave’s continuing innovation for positive social impact, SquirrelSave is now facilitating parents who want to teach their children about the virtues of long-term saving with an eye on the risks involved — with the launch of “KidSave” and “Squirrel Treehouse”.
  • By Squirrelsave