October 08, 2016 Latest News

  • World Company Day initiative to be introduced in Taiwan
  • Following the partnership, Consulus will collaborate with Siziwan Educational Foundation to introduce the principles of WCD to Taiwanese companies. This will create opportunities for Taiwanese brands to join a global network and share experiences on how to bring about sustainable good and make a difference.
  • By Consulus
  • London Fashion Models and Makeup Artist to Glam Upon Eiffel Tower
  • London is awash with fashionistas as designers, models and stylists gather in venues across the English capital and now one of the most anticipated show in the history of the world the iconic Fashion week the French European Indian Fashion Week initiative by World News Network will have the best Models and Hair & Makeup artists all the way from London.
  • By Worldnewsnetwork
  • WorksForWeb Creates New User-Friendly, Intuitive Website Design
  • The popular classified ad software creator WorksForWeb has announced the modification of their website that consists of a new user-friendly and intuitive design. Customers and visitors alike will find easy-to-access information about products, customizations, testimonials, news and more contained within a fresh website design that looks great on all devices.
  • By Worksforweb