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  • PowerVolt Group is Proud to Announce Acquisition of Indiana Transformer
  • Press Release Announcing PowerVolt Group's Acquisition of Indiana Transformer and providing details on transformers that are manufactured by PowerVolt Group along with discussing additional industries that PowerVolt Group can assist.
  • PowerVolt Group is Proud to Announce the Acquisition of Indiana Transformer.

    On 10/1/2016, PowerVolt Group (consisting of PowerVolt in ...
  • October 08, 2016
  • PowerVolt Introduces: New Low Voltage Transformers. 1.1 to 100VA all with 24VAC single primary
  • PowerVolt is pleased to announce over seventy models of transformers for your low input voltage applications (24VAC input, 12VAC input available upon request). Wattage ranges from 1.1VA to 100VA. Transformers are available for Printed Circuit Board (split bobbin and low profile) and chassis mount.
  • Product Features:
    Various configurations to meet your requirements:
    o Split bobbin (Printed Circuit Board Mount)
    o Low profile ...
  • December 08, 2011