August 14, 2019 Latest News

  • ELLIPAL is Launching A New Generation Cold Wallet - "ELLIPAL Titan"
  • One wallet that has been getting a lot of attention is ELLIPAL. After the successful launch of their first model, ELLIPAL has now become the world’s leading developer for air-gapped storage solution. Typical hardware wallets still relies on physical connections to work, however, being totally connection free, ELLIPAL seems to be on a class of its own.
  • By Ellipal
  • Introducing Fitchug. Can Drop This
  • FITCHUG is a patent pending, water bottle system unlike anything on the market. You can take FITCHUG anywhere and drop it and drop it, and drop it some more, without the fear of damaging it. You will never have to look at another dent, ding or sticker covered bottle! FITCHUG bottles and bumpers will be available in several color combinations. The mix and match options are endless.
  • By Fitchug