July 23, 2020 Latest News

  • N R Doshi & Partners launches UAE VAT Calculator
  • N R Doshi and Partners is a Dubai based auditing firm that provides VAT consulting, Auditing, Accounting, Advisory, and Company Formation Services. It owns seven offices in the UAE. The firm is a registered tax agent with the Federal Tax Authority. Along with its wide range of VAT related services, N R Doshi has now introduced a VAT calculator for the ease of businesses and people at large.
  • By N R Doshi And Partners
  • The Small Task-Oriented Vehicle Market Meets Urban/Suburban Mobility
  • A market study of the small, task-oriented vehicle (STOV) market and the opportunities in the emerging urban/suburban mobility market for manufacturers of golf cars, personal transportation vehicles, and utility vehicles as well as new vehicle startups. Discusses the intersection of climate policies, technology and COVID-19 as it relates to the STOV market with trends and forecasts to 2025.
  • By Small Vehicle Resource, Llc