July 22, 2010 Latest News

  • TestPlant Supports UK Austerity Measures With Free Software
  • TestPlant today announced a remarkable offer to any UK public sector organisations or businesses with government contracts. The first licence of eggPlant - their world-leading robotic software testing tool - can be acquired at no cost in its first year of use by any new customer whose funding comes from central or local government.
  • By Testplant
  • inBlurbs.com is now an official Inbound Marketing Educator
  • Lewes, Delaware - inBlurbs.com is now world wide one of the first 20 official Inbound Marketing Educators. inBlurbs.com will be showcased within the IMU community as a successful graduate and a resource for the next generation of marketers. Company link: http://www.inblurbs.com
  • By Inblurbs.com
  • Visualizing Investments through Maptool X
  • Maptool X presents a visual, interactive map of Wall Street industries, which lets users compare companies within each market sector in order to make more informed investment decisions. This tool uses up-to-date stock market data to create highly visual and interactive stock market maps for investors and market enthusiasts!
  • By Amadeus Consulting
  • pinta acoustic introduces pinta RONDO Baffles
  • pinta acoustic introduces their newest product, pinta RONDO Baffles. RONDO Baffles have been offered in Europe for several years. Their exceptional acoustical sound abosorption makes them ideal for large open spaces. They are unique looking and further prove that acoustical products can enhance aesthetics.
  • By Veritas Marketing
  • Charity Worker Runs for PEACE
  • Katherine Fisher will be running in the Chicago marathon on October 10 to raise funds for PEACE Mexico, a charity that seeks to improve the quality of life for people living in the Punta de Mita area of Nayarit. Fisher's sister Molly founded PEACE, which stands for Protection, Education, Animals, Culture and Environment, in 2005.
  • By Peace Mexico