July 19, 2014 Latest News

  • FantasySharks.com acquires FantasyInsights.com in strategic partnership
  • Sharks Fantasy Sports, LLC which owns and operates FantasySharks.com, a leading fantasy football content and tools provider, has acquired FantasyInsights.com. Fantasy Insights has a 21-year track record of providing premium fantasy football content to their subscribers and will become a core piece of a new premium fantasy football content subscription service, offered through Fantasy Sharks.
  • By Sharks Fantasy Sports, Llc
  • LSG Launches Review My Legal Bill
  • LSG, the leading software application and business process outsourcing company is pleased to announce its new initiative called "Review My Legal Bill" and the corresponding service website ReviewMyLegalBill.com. The service is a comprehensive, technology-enabled, expert solution for legal invoice review that will be in compliance with client requirements.
  • By Lsg
  • dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.6 is Released
  • Devart team released a new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.3.6 with Document Tabs Restore feature, ability to connect to the Oracle Database using Windows Authentication and other new improvements.
  • By Devart
  • MXAM 3.1: Better Reports Thanks to Annotations
  • MES Model Examiner® DRIVE (MXAM) has been enhanced with a new functionality. It is now easy to add comments on each guideline violation to MXAM compliance reports. These annotations are particularly important if guidelines should be disregarded for project-specific reasons, or if particular guidelines do not, or only in part apply to a model.
  • By Model Engineering Solutions
  • Dallas Derby Devils Double Header Bout 4 of the Season
  • Dallas Derby Devils will host their fourth game of the season on July 19th at Nytex Sports Centre, 8851 Ice House Drive, North Richland Hills. The Slaughterers will play against the Suicide Shifters, followed by the Wrecking Crew versus The High Seas Hotties. Doors open at 6:30pm. First whistle is at 7pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, $12 pre-purchase online or from a Dallas Derby Devils.
  • By Dallas Derby Devils
  • Indie Game ShadowPain Hits the App Store
  • Indie developer Kurt Mason is excited to announce the release of ShadowPain. ShadowPain is now available on the app store for all apple devices. ShadowPain is an action adventure game that's randomly different every time you play.
  • By Godhammer