July 19, 2008 Latest News

  • Growth and Progress on Long Island and in Space
  • Spectrum Thin Films will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Weekend celebration. The event will provide networking opportunities for customers in the optics industry as well as an educational forum with a guest speaker from the University of Arizona, Dr. Jose Sasian, who will speak about the "Giant Magellan Telescope Project" the event will be co-hosted by the Long Island chapter of OSA
  • By Spectrum Thin Films, Inc. Maria Pirera
  • Purple Trout Offers Online Webinar
  • Purple Trout will be presenting the basics of Search Engine Optimization, which will help your business learn how to obtain higher rankings in Google and other search engines. Webinar topics include keyword research, meta tag codes, content, link building and more
  • By Purple Trout, Llc