July 15, 2010 Latest News

  • The Real Estate Disaster Continues To Plague US Real Estate Investors
  • The 'foreclosure phenomenon' has plagued the housing market; REO real estate, has become an uncomfortable norm in a housing market ridden with foreclosures. Many real estate investors have taken this opportunity to try to buy foreclosed properties through the "Short Sale" process, but have faced unexpected obstacles. Mark Bradley announces campaign to help investors buy bulk REO properties.
  • By Mark Bradley
  • ExpoDisplays Holds Contest To Give Away A Free MultiQuad
  • ExpoDisplays is holding a contest this summer to generate information about the advantages of using MultiQuad. As a result, contestants will gain more information about the product while trying for a chance to win a free 10' x 10' MultiQuad by submitting why they need a new display and how MultiQuad would benefit their company. All entries are submitted through social networks Facebook & Twitter.
  • By Expodisplays
  • JDEtips Journal Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • Klee Associates, a JD Edwards training provider since 1998, announces the 10th anniversary of JDEtips Journal, a publication dedicated to providing JD Edwards users with previously unpublished advanced knowledge, tips, and best practices. To celebrate, prospective subscribers are invited to download 10 free articles, beginning July 15; the offer expires July 24.
  • By Klee Associates, Inc.