July 08, 2023 Latest News

  • Angel's Plague by Dilip Ramana - Book Release
  • In a world plagued by violence, three brilliant minds unite to eradicate humanity's darkest impulses. Driven by personal tragedies, they create a genetically modified coronavirus, aiming to transform people into peaceful beings. But their ground breaking discovery catches the attention of a powerful organization with sinister intentions.
  • By Dilip Ramana
  • Pair Payments Launches Partner Program
  • The Pair Payments Partner Program benefits partners and their audience with No Fee credit card services. This program can save businesses significant amounts of money by reducing or eliminating merchant credit card fees.
  • By Pair Payments
  • 4PointZero Recognized as a Top Innovator in Cloud Accounting Solutions
  • 4PointZero, a prominent provider of cloud accounting solutions, is recognized as a top innovator in the industry, thanks to their cutting-edge software suite and commitment to user experience. Their advanced automation features empower businesses to streamline financial processes and make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • By 4pointzero